People resist change because they instinctively know that when they change, and are tempted to return to the old way, and then do it, they will be tempted to go back to the new way. And they instinctively want to stay where they are.

It’s the nature of animals to stay on a certain path. When they change the path, their muscle memory of repetition automatically tries to revert back to the old path.

People who quit smoking, will automatically reach for a cigarette that isn’t there, until the new habit of not smoking takes hold.

When I move a block of knives to another location on the counter, then when I need I knife I reflexively reach for the knife where it used to be.

When I move the block of knives back to where it originally was, I reflexively reach for the knife where I moved it to the first time – of course it isn’t there.

Habits are formed quickly. It does not take a long time.

That fact, using the example of the knives, which I actually did, encourages me now to know that change comes quickly only when I want it to, but once I decide, then a new habit is formed quicker than I ever thought. And if I revert to old ways, the new way will reflexively be urging me to go back to the new way.

Isn’t that grand?!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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