Workshop: Intermittent Fasting for the Plant-Based Athlete – No Meat Athlete Academy

F-F CHEF Clipboard: If you’re beginning the IF (Intermittent Fasting) CHALLENGE this welcome video is informative, casual and they answer lots of questions.

This is what I gleaned from watching the webinar and taking notes:

  • The most startling fact that really stuck with me: The brain/body doesn’t start registering or noticing or factoring in calories until 31 calories is consumed.

What that means is that you can consume up to 30 calories every couple hours when you’re fasting and it doesn’t get counted by the brain/body.

Fasting has been around a long time and people benefitted by it.

  • The two hallmark benefits to IF (Intermittent Fasting) are longevity and an anti-inflammatory strategy.


  • One can consume zero calorie liquids, such as tea, coffee, water, seltzer, zero calorie sports drinks, etc.

IF can take many forms. The most common include:

  • 16:8 – Fasting 16 hours, 8-hour eating window
  • Alternate day fasting – Low calorie (500-1000) every other day
  • 24-hour water fast – Once a week, 24 hour water fast. (Lunch to lunch
  • 5:2 method – 2 days a week eat 500 calories for women and 600 for men. 5 days
    per week eat normally.

If you do the 5:2 method, it is recommended that you do 2 non-consecutive days – not two days in a row.

Pamela, the Registered Dietician, advocates switching up your fasting routines.

  • By staying with the same routine you plateau and weight reduction and other benefits decline. So, switching fasting routines is the best way to maintain your gains, while working to increase them.
  • For instance the 12:12 fasting method for women should be done intermittently through the week. Too severe a schedule may stop ovulation.
  • Throw in a couple different IFs to increase effectiveness.

The most popular IFs are:

  • 16:8 (6 hours fast and 8 hours eating window)
  • 19:5 (19 hours fast and 5 hour eating window)

The 19:5 fasting method is the boundary line for safety. It’s okay now and then, but not as the only method you use.

IF can be like a 30 day crash diet, that when you stop, you return to your old ways and lose the benefits gained during the 30 days.

After 30 days it’s better to incorporate the fasting methods into your lifetime plan in order to keep the benefits gained.

What to expect.

Your blood sugar and insulin levels will be lowered.

IF can cause you to become angry or emotional. When this happens, then go a little slower with a 12:12 routine.

Feeling lightheaded? Eat something. It’s okay to momentarily break your fast and then resume.

Be light and playful with it.

Experiment for a couple weeks before you decide if it’s for you.

Long-term fasting induces cellular repair, fat-burning, metabolic healing.

  • The body is more metabolically active in the morning, which suggests that IF is more successful in the morning, which means no breakfast (if it works for you).

Some people feel good when working out while fasting. Others do not. So, individualize your IF to suit your needs.

Menopausal women.

It’s important to increase activity while you fast and/or during your eating windows.

IF is a good strategy for losing the belly fat, that occurs naturally in all menopausal women. It has been shown to be more successful than any other strategy.

  • I’m assuming that this applies to men with belly fat as well.

FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: 12:12 IF for pregnant or breast feeding. More fasting than that is not good. It’s not a good time to be strict with a fasting program.

If your over 60 years, then play around with what works for you. Switch it up.

  • IF is an anti-inflammatory strategy, which the world craves, no matter the age.
  • I’m assuming that since pain is associated with inflammation and the older you get, the more likely your pain level will increase, then using an anti-inflammation strategy should benefit the aged. I, Chef Sharon, am betting on it.

TEENS AND FASTING. 12:12 is all they should do – 12 hours fasting and a 12 hour eating window.

PEOPLE WITH EATING DISORDERS: IF is not good for you. Mindfulness is a better program for those with eating disorders.

What to break fast with.

While using the IF method you don’t have to count or restrict calories. In fact, it’s not a calorie-counting strategy.

Calorie-counting is not recommended, but it’s okay occasionally.

However, most people automatically restrict their caloric intake when introducing IF into their better life plan.

Whole foods are better for maximum benefit in the eating window.

  • Once in a while a vegan Whopper and fries? Yes, or the equivalent; it’s okay now and then.

The ketosis effect.

You are in the state of ketosis when you fast, and you’re not in ketosis when you eat. Intermittent ketosis is recommended in the IF methods.

Training for a marathon or doing a workout.

When training or working out for less than 1-1/2 hours, you can fast during that time.

With high intensity training, it’s better to snack after the training/workout.

  • You can also work out during your eating window.

Before workout? If you’re doing 2 hours or over, snack before and fuel during. 12:12 or 12:14 for training days.

Do a 24 hour fast on your rest day from training.

How to build muscle?

Eating window starts after workout and/or work out during eating window


Take your supplements with your meal, since they irritate the stomach.


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