The Impact of Turmeric on Weight Loss


F-FC ClipBoard: Although Turmeric Water can be used as a thinner of sauces that thicken too much after refrigeration, I also started using it to replace plain drinking water, rather than take capsules. Boil 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric in 1/2 gallon water, cool to room temperature, funnel into an empty juice container and refrigerate. Shake before using or use the diluted part at the top before shaking.

In addition to drinking turmeric water through the day, I use it to water down my morning juices, to make my coffee in place of plain water and also in my evening wine – red or white. By diluting the wine, it lasts longer and reduces the overall acidic impact that alcohol has on the mucous membranes of mouth, esophagus and stomach. I haven’t yet tried it with beer, but I will. For now, I’ve started drinking beer over ice, which has the same dilution effects.

  • I use filtered water.

How Can Turmeric Impact Your Weight-Loss Goals?

This spice contains an active ingredient in it called “curcumin.” Curcumin has a positive influence on weight loss because of all the following ways that it improves a person’s health:

Reduced Inflammation

One of the main reasons that naturopaths recommend that their patients take turmeric is for chronic inflammation. Inflammation is not normally a problem since it is a natural response that the body has to injuries, infections, and trauma. But when someone has problems with their immune system because of stress or an auto-immune system disorder, the inflammation quickly gets out of hand.

That means, instead of helping to heal the body, it starts to attack healthy tissue. Arteries, joints, and the organs can all be affected by it. And the more inflammation that someone has, the harder it will be for them to lose weight because the body will be in a weak, unhealthy state.


Another benefit that turmeric has on weight loss is through its natural cleansing ability. When it is taken daily, it aids in flushing out toxins that have built up in the liver. And since the liver plays an important role in metabolizing fats, it can help increase the chances of weight loss when it is able to function at its best.

The liver’s main job is to purify the blood of toxins though. It can normally do this quite well on its own. But if a person drinks excessively or frequently takes prescription or over-the-counter medications, it can become overburdened.

Parasite Removal

While it might sound strange, humans have a high risk of getting a parasitic infection, especially those who eat raw meat, live in tropical climates, or don’t have access to clean drinking water.

This is problematic for weight loss because parasites drain away the important nutrients that a person needs to stay healthy and have the energy that they need for an active lifestyle.

Turmeric acts as an effective anti-parasitic agent to flush out parasites from the body, so a person can heal through.

It is especially effective on tapeworms and protozoans, which quickly deplete the body of vitamin B-12 that also has an impact on metabolism. It works best for this purpose when it is combined with pumpkin seeds and wormwood.

Reducing New Blood Vessel Formation

Research has shown that when someone gains weight, the body responds by increasing blood vessel growth in the area to allow for fat expansion. Studies done on animals in laboratories have shown that if turmeric is taken, it can help to prevent the formation of the new blood vessels though, so weight gain becomes more difficult. It doesn’t harm any of the existing arteries or blood vessels.

What Are the Benefits of Turmeric for Weight Loss?

Besides the above mentioned positive attributes that turmeric has on weight loss, it is also beneficial because it positively impacts a person’s mood. While there are many health disorders that contribute to obesity, more often than not, weight gain is caused by consuming too many calories.

This most commonly occurs in people who overeat when they are struggling with negative emotions. For example, people who are depressed might binge eat thousands of calories in one sitting because they had a bad day. But once their mood level is stabilized, they don’t feel the desire to compulsively overeat.

Research done on turmeric’s effects on neurochemicals in the brain has shown that it is just as effective as many prescription-based serotonin re-uptake inhibitors though. So when it is taken daily, it can help reduce calorie intake to aid in the process of weight loss.

How Does Someone Take Turmeric for Weight Loss?

There are several ways of taking turmeric to lose weight. The easiest of them all is to simply purchase turmeric capsules. That way, the body will get the proper dose of curcumin that it needs. However, it is important to mention that the body can’t break down turmeric very easily on its own. So it is best to choose a supplement that also contains black pepper since this other common kitchen spice makes the process easier.

In fact, that is one of the main reasons that its use as a seasoning began. The capsules can be taken orally any time of the day, but because turmeric improves digestion, it often has the side effect of boosting energy levels.

So it is usually recommended that it is taken early in the day along with a meal. Some people really like the flavor of the spice though, which is why a recent trend of stirring one or two capsules into a glass of warm milk to drink along with a meal has begun. If capsules aren’t available, a small spoonful of ground turmeric can be sprinkled directly onto food as well. Just be sure to add some powdered black pepper at the same time.

turmeric impact on weight loss

How Fast Does Turmeric Make Someone Lose Weight?

Turmeric works as a supportive supplement for improving the body’s health, so it can work to lose weight on its own. It isn’t meant to be used as any kind of overnight gimmick to shed pounds quickly. Those who want to include it as part of a health regimen still need to take the action steps that are needed to lose weight, such as reducing their calorie intake and increasing their level of activity.

Most doctors recommend a safe amount of 2 pounds of weight loss per week. In order to achieve this, calorie consumption has to be reduced by 500 to 1,000 calories per day. About 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day is also recommended.

Consuming too little calories causes hunger pains and irritability though. So a balance between exercise and calorie reduction can also be tailored to a person’s specific needs. For example, if hunger pains strike and someone happens to eat a few extra calories, they can make it up by increasing their activity level for the day…

Source: The Impact of Turmeric on Weight Loss | Vitagene


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