Intermittent Fasting Challenge BEGINS MARCH 1st SIGN UP NOW

F-FC ClipBoard: Okay, I’m not an athlete but I’m interested in accepting this challenge for 30 days and 5 dollars. I already signed up and it begins March 1st 2020. I have a positive outlook and plan on success. Years ago when I was thin, I wasn’t cooking and eating all the time. So IContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting Challenge BEGINS MARCH 1st SIGN UP NOW”



FIELD ROAST SAUSAGE BITES A super easy and low calorie Hors’ Oeuvre that will please every palate! Pan-fried sausage and frankfurters – cut into 3/4 inch wide disks, top each with a dab of mustard, then spear each with a grape tomato! That’s it – delicious and juicy too! Makes as many as you want


PEACH CAESAR DRESSING – fat-free Steve never enjoyed a salad so much, and he eats a lot of them. He said this was better than the one he had in Chicago many years ago at the Black Hawk Restaurant famous for their Caesar salad made tableside! Makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

The Impact of Turmeric on Weight Loss

F-FC ClipBoard: Although Turmeric Water can be used as a thinner of sauces that thicken too much after refrigeration, I also started using it to replace plain drinking water, rather than take capsules. Boil 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric in 1/2 gallon water, cool to room temperature, funnel into an empty juice container and refrigerate.Continue reading “The Impact of Turmeric on Weight Loss”

Eating meat: links to chronic disease might be related to amino acids – new findings

Eating meat: links to chronic disease might be related to amino acids – new findings   Kelly Rose, PhD Researcher in the School of Health and Life Sciences, Teesside University and Laura Brown, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Food, and Health Sciences, Teesside University     Meat contains higher levels of sulphur amino acids than plantContinue reading “Eating meat: links to chronic disease might be related to amino acids – new findings”


SWEET COFFEE MUSTARD DRESSING Looks like a lot of ingredients, but mostly seasoning and flavorings go into making this fat-free dressing as special as it is! Deep, dark, bold, complex! Like a full-bodied fine wine, it possesses elements that give it an aged flavor! Use over salad or dessert! Makes about 2-1/2 cups


RED CABBAGE AND GREEN BEAN SAUTE Salt, pepper and garlic, that’s all the seasoning we use to highlight the subtle flavors of the veggies without a lot of other flavors to distract from the main event! Serve alone or with rice. I like it both ways, depending on how busy I am and how muchContinue reading “RED CABBAGE AND GREEN BEAN SAUTE”


GREEN BEAN BARLEY SOUP – fat-free If you like simple, this is as good as simple gets while maintaining a HIGH-END STATUS! Steve loves barley soup. I rarely make one, since I’m covering the globe with recipes in so many categories. Today as it turns out is his soup day! Barley it is and lotsContinue reading “GREEN BEAN BARLEY SOUP – fat-free”