I tried fresh turmeric when everybody was doing it, and all it did was turn my teeth and tongue yellow – and it wasn’t so easy to get rid of.

I tried turmeric powder in veg capsules and finally had to wear gloves, since it yellowed my fingernails, cuticles and beneath the nails while manipulating those capsules – again not so easy to get rid of. It also stained the countertops.

I’ve been on and off the turmeric train, never really seeing or feeling any benefits. But I’m back on it, giving it another try, this time in water.

Since the pneumonia and sepsis and massive antibiotic treatments undergone to find one that kept my fever down, and then a couple months later to be revisited by whatever made me sick in the first place, I’m looking for the antibacterial and digestive aid effects.

So, the turmeric is organic from India. In order to clean it, I put a bunch of it in a bunch of filtered water, bring to boil, cover, boil 3 minutes, remove from heat and strain through a coffee filter.

Some of the residue remains, which is fine. I just shake the bottle. You can actually keep as much residue as you like, then don’t shake the bottle before using it. When the liquid is nearly gone, add more filtered water.

Or, just keep the residue, shake, pour and drink as is. Do it any way you want. I prefer mostly filtered.

Now, so I don’t get the stain-treatment, I add it to other juices, coffee, teas and animal-free milks.

When I want turmeric in a recipe, I use the powder without the water. It’s in the drinks where I want the liquid. I usually drink my first turmeric in the morning on an empty stomach and take a ground caraway seed veg capsule with it.

That’s my turmeric-usage story for now.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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2 thoughts on “TURMERIC WATER

  1. I use it pretty regularly in cooking and in water, even coffee. The fresh root I couldn’t do, since it made my teeth and tongue yellow and it took days to return to normal. Others don’t have that problem. Maybe the enamel on my teeth is more porous. The water works fine though.

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