AFC BANANA DIET – I’m going to eat like a monkey and see where it takes me

Although for the past several months I focused a lot on eating healthy and not necessarily dieting, I’m now ready to get more serious in the weight reduction category.

Just as always I’m back up to 162 pounds with a height of five feet eight inches from my 148 pounds on 31 December 2018. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted and did for the most part enjoy it. I kept thinking that as long as it was moderately healthy, then I was okay. I really can’t eat a lot at one sitting, like so many other people I see eating. I can however, eat throughout the day and night.

I came to the conclusion that I try to cure everything by consumption. Chronic pain is a bitch and I’ve got it. Pain pills don’t help my balance issues nor my cognitive skills, so I’m left to my own devices, which don’t work very well. Primarily it goes like this: in pain? eat. feel punky? eat. tired? eat. need energy? eat. tired? eat. foggy? eat. excited? eat. happy? eat.

I put on a lot of muscle, especially in my trunk – sustained a few exercise injuries, one severe enough for me to put the rowing machine away – probably blew a couple spinal discs in my lumbar region that severely limit my flexibility when in motion due to pain that feels like my body is being cut off at the waist – had a serious sudden bout with pneumonia along with sepsis and who knows what other harmful organisms are still lurking in my blood and organs – but at least the fever has remained normal long enough for me to focus on living again instead of focusing on trying not to die.

Experimenting with new foods, new combinations of foods, nutritionally dense foods, raw foods, supplements, teas, coffees, health shots and drinks, every kind of nut and nut bar may have made me healthier, but I still did get pneumonia even though I was current on all my vaccines and I still felt like I was being slowly paralyzed.

In the past, bananas didn’t appeal to me, even though I did eat them on occasion. Fruit, unless it’s in a salad with dressing or cooked doesn’t either. Sure I do eat fruit, but it’s rare to find a really ripe, sweet piece of fruit even though the markets are flooded with an expansive variety of deceptive gems that look like they’d be exactly that, until I get them home and am most always disappointed. I’ve eaten a lot of grapes lately, but my weight hasn’t changed and the fat and muscle around my frontal trunk is hindering my mobility and enjoyment of life.

Steve keeps the refrigerator stocked with bananas, because he eats half a one a day, so lack of immediate availability is not an excuse.

For some reason, when I got up today and looked in the refrigerator for something for breakfast, the bananas drew my attention. I wonder. I envision a monkey or ape moving around without thought – and that’s one of my greatest concerns to stay mobile and out of a wheelchair – I don’t want a walker either. I start to think why monkeys and apes are so agile, swinging from limb to limb on the trees, hopping up and down, climbing trunks with such ease. That’s it. I want to be a monkey or an ape. I thought I came from one anyway, so why don’t I eat like one?

So here I am with my bananas. I read a couple articles this morning and wow, bananas are just what the monkey doctor ordered.

I’ll start out by eating three a day, any time I want them, but just three for now. Whatever else I eat or drink I’ll determine as I go along and see where I am in a week.

I started taking a B-complex vitamin, but don’t take it every day – when I feel like it.

I’m optimistic about this new diet plan.





Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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