Mystery Sickness?

How I got so sick so fast is a mystery. Finally had an outpatient cardio echogram today to see if the infection in the lung spread to the heart.

The Cleveland Clinic made me accept responsibility for payment or wait 10 days for the insurance company to approve it (Anthem Blue shield).

It was ordered while I was in the hospital by the staff doctor who said if it was fine I could go home.

The echo didn’t get done before the week-end, so the insurance lady told the head nurse to send me home, rather than wait till Monday. The reasoning was that I had one 2 years ago and it was fine.

Well yeah, but I didn’t have sepsis 2 years ago.

No one while I was in the hospital even told me I had sepsis. I didn’t find out till I saw it in my record online.

I couldn’t figure out why I felt so sick even after leaving the hospital. Now I know.


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