7 Impressive Benefits of Lavender | Organic Facts

7 Impressive Benefits Of Lavender

by John Staughton (BASc, BFA) last updated – October 25, 2018

The most important health benefits of lavender include its ability to relieve stress, improve mood, promote restful sleep, lower skin irritation, prevent infections, reduce inflammation, eliminate dandruff, and soothe stomach bloating.What is Lavender?

Nearly forty plants with the mint family are technically classified as lavender, although the most common form is Lavandula angustifolia, according to a paper published by Catherine J. Chu and Kathi J. Kemper, MD, MPH. This genus is found in Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and parts of Asia. The reason that it is so widely used is its massive range of applications, from food and fragrance to cosmetics and herbal medicines; this plant is full of essential oils that can have powerful effects on the human body and has the most unique and beloved scents in the world.

One of the problems with lavender is that it can grow and spread quickly, which is why it is considered a weed in certain parts of the world. As a culinary element, it is used in salad dressings, honey, sauces, beverages, various teas, and as a flavoring spice for a number of cultural dishes. Lavender essential oil is highly sought after and widely available.

Health Benefits of Lavender

The scent and flavor of lavender are wonderful, but the bonus comes from its wide range of health benefits, which we will explore in greater detail below.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

According to a research by Shahin Akhondzadeh, there are a number of methods of using lavender to soothe anxiety and stress. The natural organic compounds in its leaves and flowers can be ground between the fingers and then rubbed onto the temples. This topical application can soothe the body and mind by relieving anxious thoughts and balancing the mood. Apart from this topical application, you can also brew lavender tea and achieve much the same effect. The antioxidant components in it can impact the endocrine system to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Treats Sleep Issues

If you regularly struggle with insomnia, apnea or restless sleep patterns, it can negatively impact your life, as suggested by a research published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. By brewing a few lavender flowers in hot water, you can steep a wonderful tea that has been used to induce sleep and relaxation for thousands of years. This is closely linked to the flower’s impact on the nervous system, and can also help clear your mind of negative thoughts. It is commonly used in meditation techniques and its essential oils are used in aromatherapy.

Anti-inflammatory Qualities…

FINISH READING: 7 Impressive Benefits of Lavender | Organic Facts

Sharon’s Note: Steve’s been taking lavender flower mixed in with his hibiscus tea for about a year. He does it as part of his heart and vascular health regimen.This morning I decided to give it a try for about a week in a tea preparation. You might wonder why, since one of the possible side effects is an increased appetite. Since my appetite is already on the increase, I figure adding a supplement to increase it more might stall it out. Wishful thinking, I know, but that’s not the only reason.

We’ve got a bunch of it and I’m thinking the benefits might outweigh the adverse reactions if indeed it does increase my appetite or cause headache and constipation. It’s reported anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties are appealing.

Other vascular dilating teas, which help to prevent heart attack and stroke, also lower blood pressure and cause swelling of the legs. Since I already have low blood pressure, I’m only going to try a cup, then take my blood pressure and then take it again an hour later.

It’s also supposed to be good for stress reduction. I’m probably not fully aware of the stress my work puts me under, since I enjoy what I do. However, some preparations/supplements are too relaxing and I feel like sleeping instead of working.

I found through experimentation that melatonin, magnesium and taurine all have a sleepy, tired effect on me, so I steer clear unless it’s a sleepy, tired effect I’m looking for. Rare.

Lavender has a strong scent, but Steve said the taste isn’t all that bad, especially when combined with the hibiscus that has a citrusy component.

I’ll take it by itself for purposes of experimentation and go from there.


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