From One Year To The Next

The main goal, maybe the only goal, is to lose weight. Too often, having too many satellite goals clog up the process. Sure, eating more healthy, abstaining from animal products, lowering the fat, exercising more, stress management, fatigue management are all important. With me however, by focusing on all the peripherals, the losing of the fat gets sidelined. All the experts tell you that the slow boat to weight reduction is best, since you incorporate new, better habits into the process and by the time you meet the goal, you’ll be in good shape with everything else.

Okay, on paper it sounds good; in a laboratory setting it probably works, but for someone doing the day-to-day living plus wanting to lose weight, the slow boat to China isn’t very rewarding. How many people are good at delaying gratification?

It’s easy to say a five-pound a year weight loss times ten years will net you a fifty pound loss. Ten years though?? It sounds like such a long time. It is and it isn’t – depending how you look at it. Ten pounds a year sounds better, but only fifty pounds in five years? Anybody can do ten pounds a year right?

It’s not so easy when you go so slow. What’s that theory, a body in motion wants to stay in motion, a body at rest wants to stay at rest? Well, the slow-fat-loss train wants to stay slow, so much so that the struggle to stay slow becomes overwhelming in the mind that keeps saying it isn’t fast enough and naturally speeds up the process – only it’s not the predicted process. The body starts eating more to counter the slow effect, to jolt it, and the next thing the body knows it has a fat gain rather than a fat loss. These bodies the law of inertia refers to in physics don’t have minds or emotions.

I didn’t set too many hard and fast goals last year except to try a lot of different methods to see which one worked for me, taking all kinds of stuff into consideration, that now looking back, I see I over-thought everything. It was like what molecule do I put into my tank today?

Every method works short-term, just because it’s a change your body isn’t accustomed to and you’re motivated. The motivation part is the biggest factor – for me.

My yearly weigh-in (Aug. 10th 2018) was 152 lbs. I lost 5 lbs. from the year before which was 157 lbs. (Aug. 8th 2017). The year before that (Aug 12th 2016) I weighed in at 165.6 lbs., losing 8.6 lbs.

One way I motivated myself in the past to lose fat was by thinking of it in terms of decades. For instance if I was in the 160 pound range (from 160-169), I’d shoot for being out of the 60s as if it were a decade – even if it was 1/2 pound into the 50s.

So, as I’m nearing the end of the year and remembering my out of the 50s goal for the year, I decide to weigh-in after the Thanksgiving holidays. I weighed 154 lbs. gaining 2 lbs. since my August weigh-in. Christmas and New Years are coming up, I still have lots of cooking – and eating – to do, so I commit again to being out of the 50s by the last day of the year.

I made it. On 31 December 2018 I weighed 148 lbs. I’m outta the 50s. Hoorah for me – just where I want to be. Now I focus on getting out of the 40s.

How did I lose six pounds from 5 Dec. – 31 Dec. (in 26 days) during the holidays? Almost a quarter pound a day? By eating less of everything – in the animal-free category. As I’ve said before, eating animal-free won’t guarantee you weight loss beyond a certain point. That point is usually still more than you want to weigh.

I ate all the holiday foods, some high, medium and low in fat and carbs. I just ate less, and wasn’t afraid to throw delicious-tasting leftovers away. Well, I felt a little weird about it.

So, eat less and dump the leftovers so they don’t tempt me the next day. That dumping part is not easy. I found that the less I thought about it the better. I didn’t want to feel compelled to start another website on ‘what to do with leftovers’ besides eating them. That helped me to discharge them quicker.

In the new year I started thinking about that Atkins diet – all protein and fat with no calorie-significant carbs. That diet was developed back in my day by Dr. Atkins. I didn’t think it a good idea then, so I don’t know why I was wondering if there was a vegan equivalent. When you eat animal-free you really can’t get too much protein, but fat, yes. So I wondered if that diet is effective if one eats a lot of fat and a medium amount of protein, okay and a few carbs.

My mind was lighting up with fat, fat and more fat. So I just get off a train that curbed my appetite for fats, and I’m so quickly, without much thought, going to jump back on it?

Well, I have till August 2019 for my next weigh-in, though I considered early March around my birthday. Still why not give it a try? Can eating lots of fat make me lose fat? It’s the calories; it’s the calories, not the fat. Yeah but what about those people losing lots of weight on high protein and high fat? They don’t regard calories as an indication of how much fat they’ll burn or store? I mean if it’s about calories and they’re eating all fat and protein, aren’t they consuming too many calories to lose weight?

I don’t know. But from the first day of the year, I ate a lot of fat. Lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hold the bread. Lots of veggie meats with no sides, except low calorie veggies. I don’t know if fruit is allowed, but I ate lots of raw fruit.

I weighed myself today 17 January 2019. I won’t show a picture of the scale, because I didn’t take one. It’s not official, though it’s true. I gained 10 lbs. Ten pounds of fat, not muscle.

That fat on me is visible. It’s not like the old fat of being evenly distributed throughout my body. It looked like animal fat. Maybe it was the rapid gain that caused it to look localized.

I know I didn’t do it the Atkins way – the real way. Instead I estimated what an animal-free diet high in fat and protein would look like.

It’s too much for me to think about right now – the result. I purposely put myself into that position, now I’m purposely going to get myself out of it.

Next weigh-in 2 March 2019.

Just to get back to where I was, I’d have to lose 10 pounds in about 6 weeks.

I think I’m sabotaging myself with all this experimentation.

The localized fat deposits are new for me. And I don’t like them.

It seems everywhere I look on the internet people are saying fats are good, fats are beneficial, good fats vs bad fats. It’s like the more good fats I eat the more weight I should lose according to all these experts. Certainly, I’ll be healthier. I ate a lot of nuts by the way – not just peanut butter. And loads of seeds which I loathe for the most part.

I’m still in the planning stages of my next move, but it better be quick, since six weeks goes by fast.







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