Winter Tomatoes Got You Down?

Why worry about the high price of winter tomatoes and unripened, flavorless choices, when grapes are on sale.

That’s right, substitute grapes for tomatoes in any salad. It’s a nice switch from the traditional tomatoes that we seem to add to every salad we make, just because it’s a salad.

Even Lilly Belle says yes!

I know a lot of you have probably read on social media that grapes are poisonous to dogs. I couldn’t figure that one out, except that a dog I used to know named George would leave them on his plate, even if buried in a mound of food, he’d eat all around the grape.

Now I’ve seen this claim in many places over the years, but no one has ever cited a study to show that some irresponsible scientists force-fed a dog a million grapes and the dog died.

My take is that because the dog refused the grape and played with it instead, people thought grapes were poisonous to dogs. Well, I cut the grape in half to make it easier for Lilly to lap it up and chew it. And I certainly don’t force-feed my dog daughter anything.

Lilly Belle loves salad, and she loves grapes, especially the red ones, as a snack. We hand-feed them, cut in half. I take a bite, she takes the rest.

Grapes are a great diet food too, containing no fat, easy to eat and satisfying. Also lots of fiber.

For this salad, I did take out some of the ginger and onion slices. I left a few since I think they’re good for her. She always gets good grades at the doctor. She’s a vegan dog, who loves to eat and enjoys a lot of variety in her food choices.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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