DAY 6 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-29-2018


One more day! Wow does the time fly! Push through it, finish strong, and remember why you started.

It’s picture of your food day… Saturdays are the hardest. This journey is about making healthy decisions. NO cheats. Saturday is not Faturday. Saturday is a test of your strength. So Post a photo of a meal today to this page. Even if its naughty. Get it up. We are all watching you.

Beginner – 9 reps of each squat style, repeat 2x = 90

Intermediate – 10 reps each, repeat 3x = 150 

Advanced – 12 reps each, repeat 3x = 180

from Aunt Sharon > Last night I decided to retreat to Beginner Level for my last 2 days to stabilize my form.

Today I changed my mind. I’m staying at Advanced Level.

“In baseball, not all pitchers have the same form, but they all get the ball to where it’s supposed to be.”  ~ Chef Sharon.

That’s me. I have reverse curvatures at 3 major areas of my spinal column – cervical, thoracic and lumbar – so my form is never going to be the same as someone with a different vertebrae configuration. The goal is to find the form that works for me within the basic framework and goal of a particular exercise.

I’m no longer concerned that my form doesn’t look exactly like the forms in the pictures. I’m working the muscles that need working, while taking care not to injure myself, while at the same time taking my competitive nature into account.

I’m doing all the squats now in the first half of the day. My muscles perform better, when they haven’t already been overworked by other chores. My other work can wait till later, since that isn’t affected by time of day or night.

My balance has improved in less than a week, which is encouraging. I still keep two umbrellas handy, should I need a spotter to complete long numbers of reps to prevent falling.

Friday night was my splurge on fat meal. Nice reward!

Dairy free Jif WHIPS chocolate and peanut butter ice cream w/smoked almond crumble and shaved chocolate. Top with dairy free whip topping and grated tangelo skin.

My Saturday meal was FRUIT AND NUT SALAD.




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