DAY 3 (do day 2 and 3) Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25 and 26-2018

Okay, since I postponed DAY 2 till DAY 3, I did DAY 2 assignment first:

Beginners: 10 reps of each squat style

Intermediate: 8 reps each x 2 sets

Advanced: 8 reps each x 3 sets

from Aunt Sharon > I stuck with the intermediate stage, and frankly had an easier time doing them, than I thought I would, considering how sore my quads (quadriceps aka thigh muscles) are.

It was easier doing the back and side kicks than the first time I tried them – that’s quick improvement that I didn’t expect, especially in the balance area, since that’s one of my weaknesses.

The SUMO SQUAT intrigues me the most, since it’s the most difficult. Since the picture doesn’t show how far the demonstrator is squatting or how her feet are oriented, I’m going to assume she’s squatting further than I am able to do – yet. I’ll figure out the orientation of the feet later. Still, I do what I consider to be a modified form.

Now I’m doing DAY 3 on DAY 3. So I’ll be caught up for tomorrow.

The assignment given for DAY 3:

Beginners: 6 sets of each squat style x 2 sets

Intermediate: 6 reps each x 3 sets

Advanced 9 reps each x 3 sets

Well, doing this twice in a day presented its challenges with my sore quads – still I did it even if my squats weren’t as deep as I wanted.

I kept wondering why when I did squats using weights or a bar it worked my lower back and not my quads, then tonight I realized it was all in the orientation of my back. Leaning over to lift the weights or just my body weight from the floor put the focus on my lower back not on my thighs. I was aiming to increase the strength in that location and I did. I never really thought about my thigh muscles since I walk so much.

However, in addition to the lower back lifts I call them – judging by the degree of soreness in my quads – I need long-term work in this location as well. The degree of soreness also indicates that I’m doing them correct for that purpose.

I’m thinking that when I finish this challenge, as I continue the work, I should do the squats every other day until I gain the strength to do them in better form every day. We’ll see.




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