ASPARAGUS SOUP – essentially fat-free


Lots of asparagus go into the simple making of this delectably rich and arrogant talk of the town. All asparagus all the time! Make your taste buds talk green!

Makes 8 cups

3 bunches fresh asparagus – remove lower 1/3 – 1/2 stems and discard, then wash remaining stalks well to remove all grit

8 c. water

2 t. pink Himalayan salt

fresh grind black pepper to taste

2 t. light brown sugar

1 t. dry mustard

1 t. garlic powder

1 t. turmeric

1 T. dried tarragon (or less if it’s strong-tasting)

2 T. vegan yeast

4 sm. Massel bouillon cubes, vegan chicken style

1 t. guar gum powder (thickener)

1 t. additional pink salt or to taste

In large pot place 8 cups water and bring to boil.

Add asparagus and cook till tender, but still vibrant green.

Lift asparagus spears from pot to platter, then measure out 6 cups cooking liquid and place in large clean pot – or clean the pot you just used and add the liquid to that pot.

Cut asparagus tips off about 1-1/2 inches down from end, ON ABOUT 1/2 of the cooked spears, and set aside.

Place 2 cups asparagus water in blender container with 1/2 of the asparagus spears; blend till smooth. Transfer to large saucepan.

Combine 2 cups more asparagus water and the rest of the asparagus spears, keeping the tips separate. Blend till smooth; pour into saucepan.

Add the remaining asparagus water to saucepan.

Add remaining ingredients up to and including bouillon cubes. Stir well. As cubes begin to soften, help them along by mashing with a potato masher. Cook till totally dissolved.

Sprinkle guar gum evenly on surface of soup. Immediately whisk into top layer till dissolved, then whisk deeper till thickened. No more than 1 teaspoon; measure level.

Add additional salt, then cook about 30 minutes on low heat, partially covered, stirring as needed.

Add asparagus tips and cook till tender as you like them. I mash these a little for added texture, but you do as you like.

Serve alone or with a fresh chopped basil garnish.

Notes: As asparagus cooks it becomes a little gelatinous, which resembles the gelatinous quality of chicken soup. This is desirable.

The vegan yeast adds a rich milky component. One need not actual taste the yeast as yeast to discern a pleasing difference in texture and flavor.

Serve soup as is with a fresh basil garnish, or over mashed potatoes, rice dishes or pasta bowl. A sprinkling of vegan parmesan takes it to a familiar place.

The fat contained in the bouillon is negligible. An essentially fat-free soup.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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