Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year

Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year

FFC Comment: Just a quick observation here: Men dying from alcohol related issues is almost three times greater than that of women, yet the person who wrote/published this article put up a picture of young women drinking. Does that make any sense outside of the prejudicial sexism realm?

6.8 % of men and 2.2 % of women die from alcohol related issues. Where’s the picture of men drinking? Shame the women and not the men? The women are 3 times less likely to die from alcohol related issues than men. What are the women doing right?

Is it, out of 1 in 3 which equals 2.4 billion people, that 6.8 % men and 2.2 % women die from alcohol issues?

If 1/3 of the world population drinks, does that include all humans or all adults or all within drinking age even if they’re comatose in a nursing facility?

Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year

Alcohol helps to kill 2.8 million people out of the 2.4 billion people who drink alcohol?

2,400,000,000 divided by 2,800,000 = .857 or less than 1/10 of 1%.

Isn’t that what the Jews say is their world population? Less than 1/10 of 1%?

Either that’s a lot of people or it isn’t. The article states that alcohol helps cause these deaths. It doesn’t say how it helps people die.

Does that mean if someone drinks and dies that the death was alcohol related, just because they drank every day for breakfast? How do we know it was the alcohol? Maybe it was the Wheaties or the milk in the bowl of Wheaties or the butter on the toast or the eggs, bacon or sausage or pancakes and syrup.

Maybe they would have died sooner if not for the alcohol. Maybe in a significant number of alcohol related deaths, alcohol played no role.

So, I’m not sure what they’re getting at here. 2/3 of all people worldwide don’t drink (don’t know if this means only adults). So how healthy are the 2/3 who don’t drink compared to the 1/3 who do drink? And what do the 2/3 who don’t drink die from?

Are the 2/3 non-drinkers from Muslim cultures or countries that frown on women drinkers, or from poverty and crime ridden countries? Do inhabitants of Third World countries have longer life expectancies, because they can’t afford to buy alcohol? There’s a lot missing in this article. What’s the point here again?

Some money making groups, probably in the health insurance field want men to drink less, so they go after the women. SO-o Sexist.

Here we go again, putting it all on the women, starting with Eve making Adam eat the animal.

One tenth of one percent compared to ninety-nine point nine percent of everybody else who drinks in the world dies from an alcohol related cause. Maybe. Some obviously do. Too many if you ask the families of those who died from alcoholism.

Compare 2.8 million to 7.6 billion (actual world population) and the numbers are significantly less. Still, you can’t help but look at the actual numbers rather than the small ratios.

Sure people who drink, mostly drink too much. But it’s only ranked 7th out of all other death categories. Plus they had to really reach to increase the numbers by qualifying the cause with “it helps to kill” people.

The language alone suggests a less than rigorous conformity to scientific method. This article was written more for affect than substance.

Analyzing studies from 1990 till now, when it is well documented that studies from the past are notoriously flawed and skewed and agenda-dependent, doesn’t lend much credence in these results. Too much compensation would have to be made regarding figures and methods, changes in populations, the fact that most people lie about how much they drink, across the board, that once again fall prey to agenda-related manipulations by companies who have a vested interest. Who paid for the study and what was the working hypothesis?

How about the animal product category? I’ll bet animal consumption related deaths is number one. How much of the animal do people consume daily? That’s where the real shocking figures come to light.

So now it’s the cancer caused by alcohol consumption with no thought to the animal consumption that goes along with alcohol consumption? The fact that the animal was left out when it is clearly known that the higher the animal consumption, the higher the alcohol consumption and vice versa, makes me question the integrity of the study and those participating in the statistical analysis.

Most people on high protein, high fat, low carb diets are big drinkers – beer, wine and spirits.

The slaughter industries are betting on a reduction of alcohol lowering cancer rates, allowing for people to consume all the animal products they want.


is their new mantra as they pre-spend their profits in their gold-lined minds

I’m not here to save the serial killers of the world any money, but you need to back up on this one.

HERE’S THE ARTICLE > decide for yourself.

THURSDAY, Aug. 23, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Alcohol contributes to 2.8 million deaths a year worldwide, and there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, researchers say.

The new analysis of hundreds of studies conducted between 1990 and 2016 found that one in three people worldwide (2.4 billion people) drink alcohol, and that 6.8 percent of men and 2.2 percent of women die of alcohol-related health problems each year.

How the United States fits into those figures is unclear. It was not among the top or bottom 10 for the most or the heaviest drinkers in 2016. Denmark led the list for most drinkers (97 percent of men and 95 percent of women), while Romania (men) and Ukraine (women) had the heaviest drinkers.

Worldwide, alcohol use was the seventh-leading risk factor for early death and disability in 2016. It was the top cause for early death and disability among 15- to 49-year-olds, accounting for one in 10 deaths. In this age group, the main causes of alcohol-related deaths were tuberculosis (1.4 percent), road injuries (1.2 percent) and self-harm (1.1 percent), the findings showed.

Among people 50 and older, cancer was a leading cause of alcohol-related death, accounting for 27 percent of deaths in women and nearly 19 percent of deaths in men.

Any protection alcohol may provide against heart disease is outweighed by the health problems it causes, particularly cancer, according to the authors of the study, published Aug. 23 in The Lancet…

FINISH READING: Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year



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