End First Phase AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet = Sharon’s Fat Reduction Diet

There are no statistics for the last week of the FAT REDUCTION PHASE of AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET, that wouldn’t be essentially the same as the first four weeks.


WEEK 1 Start weight = 162.5 lbs. End Weight = 158.5

7/6/2018 to 7/13/2018

162.5 lbs. minus last week 158.5 lbs. now = 4 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 8033.65 | per day average = 1147.6

Total Fat grams for week = 135.68 | per day average = 19.38

135.68 x 9 cal./gram = 1221.12 Fat Calories | per day average = 174.4

1221.12 divided by 8033.65 = 15% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio

WEEK 2 Start weight = 158.5 lbs.  End weight = 157 lbs.

7/13/2018 to 7/20/2018

Start weight = 162.5 – 157 = 5.5 lbs. total loss in two weeks

158.5 lbs. last week minus 157 lbs. now = 1.5 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 7203.15 | per day average = 1029

Total Fat grams for week = 126.6 | per day average = 18.09

126.6 x 9 cal./gram =  1139.4 Fat Calories | per day average = 162.8

1139.4 divided by 7203.15 = 16% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio 

WEEK 3 Start weight = 157 lbs. End weight = 155.5 lbs.

7/20/2018 to 7/27/2018

Start weight = 162.5 – 155.5 = 7 lb. total loss in 3 weeks

157 lbs. last week minus 155.5 lbs. now = 1.5 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 5223 | per day average = 870.5

Total Fat grams for week = 109.95 | per day average = 18

109.95 x 9 cal./gram =  989.55 Fat Calories | per day average = 164.9

989.55 divided by 5223 = 19% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio 

WEEK 4 Start weight 155.5 lbs. = End weight = 153 lbs.

7/27/2018 to 8/3/2018

Total Calories = 5550.8

Total Fat grams = 100.09

100.09 x 9 cal/gram = 900.81 divided by 5550.8 =.162

Average weekly Fat Calorie To Total Calorie Ratio = 16 %

Average Daily calories = 792.9

Average Daily Fat grams = 14.29

8/3/2018 FRIDAY Weigh-in = 153

WEEK 5 Start weight = 153 lbs. End weight = 152 lbs.

8/3/2018 to 8/10/2018

I goofed off this last week after the intermittent fasting didn’t produce the results I wanted.

high protein, high fat, for example: oh, plus carbs!

Steve made these GARDEIN MEATLESS MEATBALLS and spaghetti – with lots of oils and lots of vegan cheese. Wow. So good! Decadent. Luscious fats.

THEN I MADE THE CHICKEN. GARDEIN. Had to make my own barbecue sauce for the cutlets. Wow. I didn’t need nor want any accompaniments. Wine with it all!


My last week plan was to do intermittent fasting, which I did and gained one pound, then to transition to SHARON’S GREEN DIET in the last 2 days. I did my research, bought some green stuff to have on hand, even cooked a simple broccoli soup, but waited till Friday, today, to implement the All Green Diet phase of AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET for the next five weeks, ending on 14 September 2018.

I’ll be implementing some of what I did in the first five weeks, such as keeping it low-fat, low-calorie, eliminating some of the empty calorie drinks and foods. I won’t be as lenient with my selections. My day offs will be green.

My average fat calorie to total calorie ratio was good throughout = 16%. My total average daily/weekly calorie was good throughout = 960 per day. 

My total weekly fat average was also good = 17 grams/day average

I did decide to keep the spices in, even though they’re not green. I might search for a few loopholes as I become bored with the offerings. It’s going to be all green, not all plants that start out green, just so I can sneak in any plant: corn, nuts, tomatoes blah blah. The end product of the item has to be at least green on the outside. So yeah, I might add guava into the green mix. Anything from a shaker, dried, such as garlic is okay. I’m not going to go out and buy green peppercorn instead of using black/brown peppercorn. There’s no benefit.

I like green foods. I probably don’t eat enough of them. Steve does, because he eats a huge amount of salad – mostly green.

I’m thinking that because soybeans are initially green, then I’ll include tofu. No processed plant meats though. I had my treat. I’m already in.

TOTAL FAT-LOSS FOR FIVE WEEKS = 162.5 lbs. minus 152 lbs. = 10.5 lbs. = 2.1 lbs. per week. Like I said previously, I didn’t suffer nor feel deprived.

Now is different. I need to make some significant progress during these next five weeks. No goofing off, just in case the goof off upsets the balance I’m trying to achieve.

Well, let be off in the name of a better body.

We end one phase and begin another: SHARON’S GREEN DIET

Chef Sharon



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