8/7/2018  TUESDAY Day 33



Had I set a specific number of pounds I wanted or expected to lose, it wouldn’t have been an experiment as I indicated in my first post regarding the AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET.

Perhaps I should have defined rapid. Maybe I did. I better go back and check.

It appears that my five week diet was more like a maintenance diet than a reducing one.

I basically ate what I normally eat only less, but not a lot less, obviously not less enough to lose a significant amount of fat.

I cut out margarine, except sometimes to cook with, years ago. Steve likes margarine, so I put it into recipes occasionally.

I love mayonnaise. That’s my condiment of choice on sandwiches, or just by the spoonful when I’m craving fat. The jar is still in the refrigerator after nearly five weeks, which says something.

I’m not a candy or sweet eater either. Once again, Steve will bring some home now and then and I’ll take a taste or a piece of his, but not much. I used to have a sweet tooth as a kid and into adulthood, when I finally conquered that habit. I just never went back to it.

It’s kind of like going animal-free. At some point you don’t look back. You could put me in a hotel room with a refrigerator filled with all kinds of animal meat dishes and I wouldn’t touch them.

I wouldn’t even toy with the idea. My interest in eating animals disappeared over time. It’s like the fat. The more I eat, the more I want. The less I eat, the less I want. That’s why manufacturers put the animal in everything – even salads and now desserts. The egg and the milk wasn’t enough. Now they’ve got to have the flesh in there too.

Another success is that now I’m on a regular, consistent exercise program that works for me. Five minutes six times a day moving to music – rapidly to work up a sweat – and I do love to sweat – fits me perfectly, in addition to the walking and stretching. I feel like I lost more weight than I did. I guess that counts for something. Feeling better is a motivating force to keep at it.

This morning I was wondering why, if my DNA says I’m British Isles under two separate categories, don’t I like tea. I’m thinking green. Why not?

Anyway, four days I did intermittent fasting and I gained a pound. I didn’t overeat on my non-fasting days either. I drank a lot of water.

It’s now 8:06 on Tuesday morning. I have today, then three more days till my weigh-in on Friday. Since fasting intermittently at my age – and I need to consider that as much as I don’t like to – made me gain a pound, I need a new approach.

The SCALE APPROACH didn’t work to my satisfaction. I was hoping to lose more. Now I try the MIRROR APPROACH. The best way is to take a picture. It’s better than a mirror. It’s still a mirror, but when you walk away from the mirror, the image is gone. With a picture, the image stays. That’s what I need, as uncomfortable as that is for me to do.

Steve doesn’t take good pictures, but it doesn’t have to be good. The truth is in the image and even though my legs aren’t as skinny as they look, because of the angle of the camera when he took the picture, still it tells a story.

Originally I posted the picture, then decided to take it down, as it discouraged instead of motivated me.

I’m going green for these last three days. I’m going to call it SHARON’S GREEN DIET. I asked Steve if he had any green tea and yes he did. Even though I don’t like tea, I figure I can tolerate it if I consider it medicinal – which is what I’ll do. Green tea it is. I’ve had my last cup of coffee till at least Friday – unless I find a green coffee bean. Same thing with alcohol – unless I find green beer or green wine I’m out of luck in the alcohol category.

I made a mental list of all things green that grow. In no particular order.

I almost forgot I’m having two molar teeth pulled next week, which means I have one week to go green, then it’s blender drinks till I feel comfortable enough to eat solid food.

What I’m doing now is transitioning to my next diet experiment. I basically tried it everybody else’s way and didn’t succeed to where I could buy a new dress for my special event. So Steve is taking me out to eat today and I start the new diet tomorrow – two days before ending my first diet: AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET. I’ll still be weighing in on Friday. There won’t be anything to celebrate, so I celebrate today with Steve. Maybe he’ll devise a plan for him too.


green grapes

honey dew melon






pumpkin seeds

pistachio nuts

lima beans

string beans

collard greens

swiss chard

lettuce – all types


green peppers

green tomatoes

green chilies



extra virgin olive oil

green olives

does anybody make a green grape vinegar?

granny smith apples

or a green apple vinegar

green applesauce


green peppercorn


fresh or dried herbs

mustard greens






beet greens


brussel sprouts

green cabbage

bok choy






field greens


romanesco cauliflower





Steve went to the market early and brought me home the fresh asparagus I requested and a few bags of organic frozen vegetables – all green.

If I like the result I have in three days, this is what I’ll do for the next five weeks. Then five weeks later I’ll try another approach. I don’t know if I could live without tomatoes.

Another reason I might not have lost more fat is the amount of plant meats, that are really isolates, that I ate. I don’t know. Maybe eating plant meats registers as eating animals in my brain. If so, then by eating only green plants the fat should melt away.

As bad as I look fat, I don’t look very good skinny either. I was a tall lanky kid, with small musculature. This should be interesting.

I just had my first green tea. Not bad. I can do that. Years ago when I tried the black tea, it cramped up my muscles – the tannins I held responsible for that.  We’ll see what happens with the green. Heartburn too.



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