8/2/2018  THURSDAY Day 28

Well, I finally got to a fasting day, which is today. I somehow got connected with a group that fasted to bring awareness to the plight of other animals – protesting through fasting the enslavement, torture and slaughter of these lovely creatures who suffer unfathomable atrocities committed against them by billions of humans, every day of every of every year.

Humans have conveniently blocked out their screams by locking them out of public view in processing plants they call them. If it was such a good deed we humans were performing every day of every year we wouldn’t block the heinous acts from the public eye. We take children to dairy farms – not factory farms, and the slaughterhouse, well, that’s just too painful and mind-disrupting to any sane adult, much less a child.

One day a month on the 2nd day of each month for 24 hours. That’s not a lot to ask, or to do for that matter. Of course the minute anyone talks about fasting all the nay sayers come out of the woodwork with screams about the diabetics – they can’t do that, they need to eat and meat, yes the animals are their meat and celiac people and those with alleRgies to gluten, yes they need to eat the flesh otherwise they’ll die. THEY’LL DIE.

They can’t process a particular type of protein found in gluten, or they experience allergic symptoms, so according to these alarmists IF YOU CAN’T EAT WHEAT YOU MUST EAT MEAT.

from WebMD “About 3 million Americans have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that’s triggered when they eat gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and other grains. It is the protein that makes dough elastic and gives bread its chewy texture.

But when someone with celiac disease eats something with gluten, their body overreacts to the protein and damages their villi, which are very small finger-like projections found along the wall of the small intestine.

When the villi are injured, the small intestine can’t properly absorb nutrients from food. Eventually, this can lead to malnourishment, as well as loss of bone density, miscarriages, infertility — even to the start of neurological diseases, or certain cancers.”

Where does it say that animal meat has anything to do or not to do with celiac disease? Nowhere. In fact, regarding diabetics that everyone uses as an excuse to keep eating animals, most of the diabetics I know sit in a bar all day or night drinking alcohol and taking insulin.

They don’t eat till the end of the day before they go to bed. Some even say it doesn’t matter what they eat or if they eat, only that they take the right amount of insulin. That surprised even me. However, some of the biggest drinkers are diabetic – of liquor and they all say the same thing – alcohol is fine; it’s wine and beer that cause the problem.

Well, what do I know, except that I believe fasting is good for everyone – fasting from the animal is the most important plate to mouth endeavor anybody could ever engage in. Frankly I never saw a diabetic on a high animal protein diet. But the experts will say, no no NO Not high, moderate, SOME, they need some.


They need some to keep the slaughter industries in business, otherwise these nay sayers wouldn’t be screaming so loud, and yes, there are a lot of whore doctors out there who will back the consumption of animals to the hilt – just some, like just a few million maybe, not a billion every day, need to be slaughtered for our plate. That’s not much.

Yeah, unless you’re in that herd. Not if the meat comes from an animal they don’t need it.

Soon there won’t be any animals to pluck for your plate, then what? All the diabetics and all the celiacs die – just like that, just like you prophecised. Well your prophecy is wrong; many already live without eating animals, a better life than those who engage in the cannibalism.

I joined Fasting for the Animals aka AFOTS = animals first on the second, and lo and behold all of a sudden a lightbulb lights up in my brain when I realize I was nearing the 2nd of the month.

So, because I already committed to it, I didn’t have to think too hard on it. 24 hours it is.

As I write this on Friday morning at 2:23 AM (I’ve already been to bed and I’m up) I’ve been fasting since 3 PM on Wednesday (the 1st), which makes me 35 hours and now 30 minutes into the fast.

Yesterday throughout the day and very early evening I consumed black coffee and filtered water.

In one of the cups of black coffee I dissolved 1 teaspoon organic turmeric.

I had about 8 ounces of agar juice which contains no calories or fat.

Since I read reports along the way of my health journey stating that agar agar – a form of seaweed – leaches heavy metals from the intestines when ingested, I figured why not use it now that I’ve got very little in my intestines.

Today I started with an apple cider vinegar shot in 16 ounces filtered water. I made some more agar juice yesterday, so I’ll probably take some more today.

I don’t have a diet plan for the day or how long I’ll continue to fast if at all.

But I think as an internal body cleanse it might be a good idea to stick with it a little longer.

The first day, remembering from my long ago past fasting, is the most difficult, especially when being around others who are freely eating.

I felt a little weak, but that’s been my status of late with the infections I had in the roots of two of my teeth.

I finished the amoxicillin 500 mg. 4 x daily, but I’m not convinced that the infection is gone. I get them pulled soon, which will mean I’ll be on a liquid diet for a while.

My blender broke and now I’m glad it did, since I had to purchase another – this time one that’s 1200 watts instead of the 550 watt one that broke. I can tell by the blades and the job it already did on one of my homemade salad dressings, that it’s going to make some great smoothies and shakes. We’ll see if and how they contribute to fat-loss.

Now that I have my new Fancy Dan blender I won’t have to cook while I recover from oral surgery drinking smoothies.

Steve says, ouch – to the no cooking part.

I’ve got a truck load of back log material to post, and if this is the only way to get to it, then so be it. I’ll enjoy my time away from the engineering aspect of my day to day work.


walked .16 miles (I obviously didn’t leave the house on my first day of fasting – too many food temptations out and about).

mattress out of bed exercises

Added new rocking back and forth – forward and backward with arms wrapped around knees till fatigued. It’s a pretty good one; I felt all my vertebrae cracking as I rocked, loosening  up what needed to be loosened I hope. Then did the same but side to side, loosening hips.

upper body high tension cord sequence

Join the AFOTS group for fasting for the animals. >



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