8/1/2018 WEDNESDAY Day 27

Total Calories = 926

Total Fat grams = 11.6

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 11%


2, 8 oz. black coffee – cal/fat 0

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

El Jalapeno Restaurant:

8 tortilla chips – Cal. 120, Fat 5.6g

side dish refried beans – Cal. 217, Fat 1g

w/tomato, cilantro, onion, lettuce – cal/fat 0

2, Modelo Negra beer – Cal. 330, Fat 0g

5 Gimme Lean Meatless Sausage Patties – Cal. 150, Fat 0g

13 patties fried in 1 T. olive oil – for my 5 patties – Cal. 46, Fat 5g

w/ketchup, mustard, horseradish – Cal. 53, Fat 0g

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

5000 mcg Vitamin B12 – cal/fat 0

Total Calories = 926

Total Fat grams = 11.6 x 9 cal/gram = 104.4 divided by 926 = .112 

Fat Calorie To Total Calorie Ratio = 11%


(Get out of Bed) MATTRESS EXERCISES sitting on edge of bed

upper body and arms

lower body and legs


backward crunches

5# upper body series

high tension cord upper body series 10 reps each direction

walked 1.4 miles

Gimme Lean Meatless Sausage by Lightlife contains no fat. Each 2 ounce serving contains only 60 calories.

I make 14 patties that I either eat plain with a dipping sauce or put on a small burger bun. Each of my patties = 30 calories plus a negligible amount of cooking oil.

Charred is how I like them best, but not charred evenly – that would be too much char.

It’s a great product just fried up and eaten. It doesn’t hold up well when refrigerated after cooked. So I do like my mother used to do with fresh fish on Friday – buy it, cook it, eat it. Once cooked there should be no leftovers.




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