7/27 to 8/3 Stats Reviewed For AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet


7/27 – C. 1034.5     F. 28.30

7/28 – C. 1021.5     F. 22.38

7/29 – C.   979.0     F. 19.60

7/30 – C.   706.0     F. 07.00

7/31 – C.   883.8     F.  11.21

8/01 – C.   926.0     F.  11.60

8/02 – C.   0             F. 0

Total Calories = 5550.8

Total Fat grams = 100.09

100.09 x 9 cal/gram = 900.81 divided by 5550.8 =.162

Average weekly Fat Calorie To Total Calorie Ratio = 16 %

Average Daily calories = 792.9

Average Daily Fat grams = 14.29

8/3/2018 FRIDAY Weigh-in = 153

I lost 2.5 lbs. since last Friday.

I lost 9.5 lbs. since beginning the diet on 7/6.

It took me 4 weeks to lose 9.5 lbs. = 2.4 lbs. per week thus far.

I’m still not feeling deprived, probably because my stomach is already shrinking in response to smaller work loads, which to me is a good sign, that it still has that ability. I filled up quickly when I ended the fast about 3 hours ago, even after just 42 hours of going without food. I still drank lots of water and some black coffee, which tends to make me think it’s the solids and not the liquids that stretch a stomach out.

Counting today I have 7 days till my special event and I’m not holding my breath judging by what I’ve lost to date. Actually I’ll still be sucking my stomach in under that old dress unless I can find a way to lose some of this fluid build up in my trunk and legs.

However, there is no room for discouragement until it’s over. Then I’ll be starting phase two of the same experiment. I’m not going to slack off either.

When you’re trying to lose weight and you don’t, then the trying doesn’t matter. That’s what we focus on – that we keep trying and nothing significant happens that doesn’t revert back to what it was in a few a days. When the fat is newly gone, it really is easy to put it back on without hardly batting an eye.

That’s my motivator right now. Even if I end up losing only 10 pounds, I need to keep that at a solid ten. There’s a difference again, between newly lost weight and your body settling into a groove stays at that ten pound marker on the scale.

I’m not ready to plateau after just ten pounds. Maybe twenty, but then I’ll be into the next phase.

For 7 days unless the plan changes, it’s fast a day, eat a day. On a day off a day till my weigh-in on Friday 10 August 2018.

Today I’m eating.

Steve bought me two jars of horseradish one hot and the other beet, since horseradish acts like a diuretic. Both are delicious, if one can call horseradish delicious. I did two hours ago.

Cheers to losing the water!



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