Fasting For The Animals

That’s what I’m doing today on the 2nd of August 2018 to help, along with many other concerned individuals, bring awareness to the plight of other animals, whom most humans believe were put on this earth for humans to use, abuse and destroy at will or whim, and that plants are here for some irrelevant purpose. A side dish maybe.

In addition to being happy for an excuse not to cook or eat, many including myself think it advantageous to human health to fast intermittently in order to give the digestive system some resting time while simultaneously cutting back on the total weekly consumption of calories and fat – for weight control purposes.  Most specifically, however, the cutting back on or eliminating the consumption of animals one day a month as part of the fast is the goal. Fasting means eating nothing, which includes plants and animals.

If I do well with this, and I know I will, then I’ll consider adding more days. Hey, if I’m having a hard time losing the fat, then not priming my food pump once a week, instead of once a month might be the answer.

For me, it probably requires less discipline to fast than to eat less when I see everybody eating more.

So, I’m fasting for the animals. That gives me a purpose beyond myself.
However, because I am also an animal, that means I’m fasting for me too.

A win-win.


That’s all I had to read, besides what I already know from my own long ago past of fasting. It really does make a body – mind feel and act better.

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