7/30/2018 MONDAY Day 25


Weigh-In = maybe tomorrow

Total Calories = 706

Total Fat grams = 7

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 8.9%


16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

w/1 shot apple cider vinegar

10 dates – Cal. 166, Fat 0g

2 dried apricots – Cal. 16, Fat 0g

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

2 Tofu Pups (veggie hot dogs) – Cal. 100, Fat 4g

2 hot dog buns – Cal. 220, Fat 3g

w/mustard, onion dill pickle chop cal/fat 0

12 oz. Great Lakes Eliot Ness beer – Cal. 194, Fat 0g

2, 8 oz. black coffee – Cal. 10, Fat 0g


walked 4 miles

Total Calories = 706

Total Fat grams = 7 x 9 cal/gram = 63 divided by 706 = .089

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 8.9%

Benefits of dried apricots: “Any plant produce that contains iron has non-heme iron, and that includes apricot. This type of iron takes its time to be absorbed by the body, and the longer it stays in the system, the better your chances in preventing anemia. It’s recommended that you take some vitamin C along with it to ensure better absorption of the non-heme iron.”

“Heme iron, the type found predominantly in blood and muscle, is absorbed better than the non-heme iron that predominates in plants, but may increase the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.” Michael Gregor M.D.

We put fresh grind black pepper on everything – even veggie dogs!

Benefits of black pepper: “And not only does black pepper help you derive the most benefit from your food, the outer layer of the peppercorn stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, keeping you slim while giving you energy to burn.” Finish reading here >

Benefit of dates: Strengthens the nervous system. Dates are loaded with potassium, and yet contain little sodium, and that goes a long way in keeping your nervous system in order. The potassium helps to reduce cholesterol, and keeps the risk of a stroke in check.”



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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