Sharon ‘the neck’ Davies-Tight


I should have labeled it Sharon ‘the tooth’ Davies-Tight? I’m about to lose two more.

One has to go because the root is cracked and infected from the fall I took on 7/7/2017 in the middle of the night tripping over my big foot scale.

That was a year ago.

The second one on the opposite side is also infected and needs a root canal and replacement crown, but the tooth isn’t worth saving and there’s no guarantee that the infection won’t come back. Besides I don’t have the money to pay for a root canal and a crown. So that goes too.

I have an appointment in two weeks for the extractions, so I’ll be walking around toothless till I heal and can find a way to fill those empty spaces, since the appliance I have now won’t work with two more teeth missing. I thought it was the flipper causing the problem – it’s one of those flexible type. I thought chemicals were leaching out of the plastic into my gums. I still don’t know for sure, but with a cracked root, there is no other treatment except to take the tooth out.

In the meanwhile I’m taking a course of antibiotics to quell the infections, which means I’ll puff up some and the scale may not reflect the fat loss because I’m holding fluid. I had already started on the horseradish. It’s a natural diuretic. Strange, but with me diuretics take fluid from where I don’t need it taken and leaves the swollen areas alone. The fewer medications I take the better.

I’ve probably had these infections since the fall or shortly after the fall. The continued earaches, night sweats, dizziness, balance and equilibrium issues and feeling weak suggested that something was impeding my recovery from the concussion.

Eureka. Had I not gone to the dentist for a cleaning and to have the lesion on my gum that wouldn’t heal where the flipper sets looked at, I may have died from these infections going untreated for nearly a year.

Now I’m hoping that the infections didn’t travel to my heart or brain or elsewhere. I haven’t felt good since the fall and I did pursue supplement treatment for the symptoms not knowing the cause. Now I hope it isn’t too late.

I’ll see my primary care physician assistant in a week as a follow up, since I think some things need to be explored. The original primary care person who is no longer at the facility along with everybody else dropped the ball on the concussion. The Cleveland Clinic wouldn’t even see me in their concussion unit, saying it was only for sports-related concussions.

When I talked to the original primary care guy and showed him the pictures of my gums, then later visually showed him the areas of continued pain and concern, he said I had gingivitis. That stunned me, since I’ve never had a gum disease. When I expressed surprise at that he said, “everybody has gingivitis”.

This is what old people are up against in the medical field in the USA, especially old white women. A lot of doctors where I live come from cultures that discriminate against women, regarding and treating them like third class citizens. I’ve been discriminated against by doctors my entire life. Just when I think life is getting better, we invite doctors from all over the world to join the USA team and to bring their cultural mores with them, thrusting women in the USA straight back to where they began.

So yeah, I can laugh as I catch myself at deaths door – saving my own life this time.

I didn’t realize my neck was so big. It must be those upper body workouts – that made me more symptomatic by the way.

Oh well…what’s an old lady to do?


Well, I finally got the spaces filled where my teeth used to be. I have my smile back! Happy Chef!




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