7/24/2018 TUESDAY Day 19

Weigh-In = Friday only

Total Calories = 645

Total Fat grams = 19g

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 27%


12 oz. pink grapefruit juice – Cal. 150, Fat 0g

2 slices dry HOSTESS CLASSIC wheat toast – Cal. 140, Fat 1.5

2 slices Lightlife Meatless Bologna w/mustard – Cal. 35, Fat .5g

8 oz. black coffee w/ 1/2 t. turmeric, 1/2 t. taurine – Cal. 5, Fat 0g

500 mg capsule red cayenne pepper – cal/fat 0

16 oz. filtered water

12 oz. pkg. water-packed tofu, rinsed, pressed, cut into cubes – Cal. 315, Fat 18g

and dry-fried with salt, garlic powder and Hungarian paprika – cal/fat 0

tossed and pan-fried further w/Pink Chiffon Mustard Sauce – cal./fat 0

16 oz. filtered water

8 oz. black coffee

24 oz. diet Pepsi

Total Calories = 645

Total Fat = 19g x 9 cal./gram = 171 divided by 645 = .265 or 27%


walked 1.3 miles


There’s a Walgreen’s store a block away from us. I needed bread and didn’t want to walk all the way to the grocery and knew Walgreen’s sold something that looked like bread.  I stopped buying Hostess decades ago and didn’t even know they made bread. Well, this is pretty good for a light sandwich, which is what I want these days. Most similar breads contain about 110 calories per slice. With Hostess I get 2 slices for 140 calories and only 1.5 grams of fat. Welcome to my home Hostess.

Yes, this qualifies as a diet food on AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET.


Welcome to the new face of dressings. Not your ordinary look, taste or feel. This is a dressing that highlights and enhances wherever it is used. Neither the taste nor the texture, however, is as guilty as it looks! Experience its innocence! We’re not chopping down trees here, we’re just picking the ripe fruit!

Makes almost 3 cups

1-1/3 c. fresh squeezed ruby grapefruit juice

1 c. white vinegar

1 c. filtered water

1/4 c. Monk Fruit In The Raw Zero Calorie Sweetener powder

1 t. salt

1 t. guar gum powder

1 t. xanthan gum powder

In blender container place grapefruit juice, vinegar, water, Monk Fruit powder and salt. Blend on high speed till well-blended.

Add guar gum and xanthan gum. Using spoon, quickly submerge into liquid just under the surface. Now replace cover and blend on low, then high speed till blended, thickened and smooth.

Let the dressing set for about 15 minutes, or more, then come back and blend again till thick and smooth. Adjust for salt.

Transfer to covered containers and refrigerate till cold and ready to use.

Notes: Added fat/oil would just upset the delicate yet staunch nature of this foamy gel dressing.

The sweet from the Monk Fruit powder is barely discernible, however, it smooths the acid from the grapefruit and vinegar just enough. Use more if you like, or use regular sugar if you like.

When serving on/over anything, I found that a light sprinkle of smoked paprika takes it to a different place.

DRY-FRY means no oil or liquid for the initial fry. I used a cast iron skillet.

The sauce is added after the fry, while the food is still in the skillet, to coat the food and heat the sauce.


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