7/13 to 7/20 Stats Reviewed For AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet

7/13/2018 to 7/20/2018

Start weight = 162.5 – 157 = 5.5 lbs. total loss in two weeks

158.5 lbs. last week minus 157 lbs. now = 1.5 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 7203.15 | per day average = 1029

Total Fat grams for week = 126.6 | per day average = 18.09

126.6 x 9 cal./gram =  1139.4 Fat Calories | per day average = 162.8

1139.4 divided by 7203.15 = 16% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio 

Total calories and total fat counts were both lower the second week than the first week.

The fat calorie to total calorie ratio was higher by 1%.

The first week I lost 4 lbs. The second week I lost 1.5 lbs. Total 2 week fat-loss = 5.5 lbs.

One might think that I would lose about the same in both weeks, but I didn’t.

I have yet to feel hunger pangs, which means I’m feeding the monster too much too often the perfect elements to maintain my weight.

It’s time to speed up. Two weeks is enough adjustment and preparation time. I have 3 weeks to my special event.


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