7/16/2018 MONDAY Day 11

Weigh-In = Friday only

Total Calories = 606.3

Total Fat grams = 17.1

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .25 or 25%

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

w/ 1 t. baking soda, 1/4 t. taurine powder, 1/4 t. malic acid, 1 whole lime squeeze

1 Asian pear, aka Japanese apple pear – Cal. 51, Fat 0g

2 Veggie Tofu Pups – Cal. 100, Fat 4g

1 c. AFRICAN CRICKET CHILI – Cal. 54.75, Fat .13g

Impossible Burger – Cal. 220, Fat 13g

12 oz. Yengling Beer – Cal. 128, Fat 0g

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

6 oz. carrot juice – Cal. 52.5, Fat 0g

Total Calories = 606.25

Total Fat grams = 17.13

17.13 x 9 calories/gram = 154.17

154.17 divided by 606.25 = .25 or 25%

Here’s the link for AFRICAN CRICKET CHILI: No, really, they’re aren’t any real crickets in the chili. Africans eat crickets though. They cook them alive mostly. So having heard that I developed a cricket alternative chili that causes no pain.

African Cricket Chili – therapeutic too

ASIAN PEAR aka JAPANESE APPLE PEAR – Tastes and textures like an apple and a pear combined.  A succulent juicy pleasure. One of earth’s finest.



THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER – made from plant hemoglobin called leghemoglobin derived from nodules on the soy root, then genetically modified to recreate the ingredient in the laboratory without having to continually dig up plant roots. 100% plant derived. Tastes like blood, textures like animal, but it’s not. A big hit everywhere. You can order like steak – the degree of doneness. Since this product is so new and chefs unfamiliar it will take a while till they’re accustomed to cooking it. I ordered medium well and it came out medium – still great. Next time I’ll order well done. I omitted the bun and all the stuff that came with it. The burger is filling, but I have had it with the ‘works’ and it really is something to behold!

Here’s the link to Impossible Burger website to see for yourself:


Taurine is one of the energy ingredients in energizer drinks. Along with caffeine which usually is a co-ingredient in energy drinks it is said to give you a mental and physical boost. I take it on and off usually 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water. Now that I’m not consuming coffee, I take it every day, sometimes twice. Here’s a link so you can get the information first hand instead of through me.


walked 1.4 miles

4 way lifeline stretch bouncing through resistance


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