7/6 to 7/13 Stats Reviewed For AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet

SCALE 7:13:2018 FRIDAY

7/6/2018 to 7/13/2018

Start weight = 162.5

162.5 lbs. minus last week 158.5 lbs. now = 4 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 8033.65 | per day average = 1147.6

Total Fat grams for week = 135.68 | per day average = 19.38

135.68 x 9 cal./gram = 1221.12 Fat Calories | per day average = 174.4

1221.12 divided by 8033.65 = 15% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio

For decades people from all sectors have stated that when you first go on a diet, and notice a difference on the scale, it’s fluid you lost, not fat.  I disagree. Nobody’s body runs on water. It runs on fuel processed from nutritional elements in food and/or from stored fat.

When I eat less than my body requires, I’m not burning water, I’m burning fat. As a consequence of burning fat one loses the water contained in it. That’s where I’m standing with my common sense interpretation for now.

If I had lost fluid, then my total weight loss for the week would have been greater. I haven’t lost any fluid yet, in fact the mirror tells me I gained fluid.

I’m going slowly, as I mentioned, to keep from shocking my system, so it will more readily accept the changes required for a rapid fat-loss that will produce long term results in addition to short term.



thanks for your thoughts. make your day your way.

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