7/11/2018 WEDNESDAY Day 6

Weigh-In = not today

Total Calories = 1500

Total Fat grams = 27.22

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%

There’s no weigh-in today or tomorrow. I get two days to do whatever I want. This is my week-end. I take the same days off that Steve does. I figure if I don’t give myself some leeway each week, I may not stick to the plan as it emerges. So far so good.

One weigh-in glitch though. I took an Aleve for pain and a vitamin B complex yesterday and today, which means the scale will reflect a weight gain from the pain med and supplement. It always does, so even if it wasn’t my day off I wouldn’t weigh myself after taking over the counter (OTC) meds or supplements. I usually see a 2-4 lb. gain.  Even though I know the why of the weight surge, it disappoints me anyway, which I want to avoid. It happens every time, so why put myself through it.

Friday I’ll weigh-in and hope by abstaining on Thursday the weight surge will be over. Maybe Saturday.

So, on my two days off I relax my restrictions by doing anything I want, except eat animals. I wonder why I have to even think it, much less say it? But most people consider eating animals a treat, a luxury, something they may not do on a regular basis. If I’m going off my diet for two days, then why not eat animals those two days?

It sounds barbaric even to say, I don’t eat animals. That’s probably why humans came up with a substitute word for it. To keep the twinge of conscience at bay they called the animals they ate meat. Even I did that in the beginning. I called one of my cookbook designs “Meatless Cuisine”. As late as the 1970s most waiters/waitresses at nearly all restaurants didn’t know what meatless meant. They still don’t and most current wait staff aren’t curious enough about their work-world to look it up.

Hardly anyone knows what vegan is even today nearly 40 years later. They’ve become familiar with the word, but not the meaning. They don’t get why vegans won’t eat a vegetarian burger made with egg whites, or that fish and chicken are animals. And what’s wrong with cheese? That’s not an animal. Well, real vegans don’t understand why vegetarians won’t eat a burger that contains no animal products. And you have to wonder why a person serving food wouldn’t know where what they serve comes from. Then there’s the added confusion of people calling themselves vegans who eat fish or chicken, or who are strictly animal-free sometimes.

Most restaurant and food service cooks don’t know the ingredients in the food they serve. Food companies/manufacturers aren’t required by law to label foods delivered to restaurants, especially bakeries. That needs to change. There’s a local bakery that doesn’t have a contact form on their company website, that packages various breads called OOPS!, meaning they made too much. They sell it at a cheaper price than the other products and make one label that fits all, by including every ingredient in every bread product they make on all their OPS! breads. Now that is a rude maneuver, to think so little of the customer that they would lie about the ingredients in that classification of bread. What, because it’s cheaper, they don’t have to be truthful about the ingredients? Customers are doing them a favor by buying their over-runs and the company thinks they’re doing the customer a favor – a beggars can’t be choosers mentality is how they regard people who buy that bread.

The consumer has a right to know what ingredients are contained in the food products they purchase, whether at a grocery store, open-air market or restaurant. With so much food borne illness and people with allergies and food sensitivities and those with moral obligations to abstain from eating any part of the animal, it should be criminal to purposely not inform the buyer of the contents of what they put into their bodies. If the body is the temple of all temples isn’t it time to start treating it with more respect? Food is like medicine, it has side effects.

Anyway, back to the present. Here’s a list of current diet categories. Be the only one in your group who knows what these categories represent.

OMNIVORE eats plants and animals.

HERBIVORE eats plants only.

CARNIVORE eats flesh. Some occasionally supplement their diet with plants.

FLEXITARIAN eats mostly plants and some animals.

PESCETARIAN eats fish as their only source of animals food.

FREEGAN eats dumpstered food – all kinds. It’s okay to eat animals as long as it’s been discarded.

POLLOTARIAN eats any type of animal product except red flesh meat mammals.

LACTO-OVA VEGETARIAN eats dairy and eggs in addition to plants.

LACTO-VEGETARIAN eats only dairy in addition to plants. OVA-VEGETARIAN eats only eggs in addition to plants.

VEGAN eats foods containing no animal products along the chain from growing to processing.

ANIMAL-FREE foods containing no animal products.

PLANT-BASED eats foods derived from only plants and non-animal sources.

People in all categories occasionally veer from their preferred diet as a result of availability, mistake, misinformation or deception.


16 oz. filtered water – Cal. 0, Fat 0

24 oz. fresh brew coffee, plain – Cal. 10, Fat 0

8 oz. Pacific brand nondairy Hemp Milk – Cal. 140, Fat 6.0g

1 small banana – Cal. 90, Fat 0.3

1/2 t. of each: vanilla, cinnamon, ginger powder – Cal. 0, Fat 0

1 Aleve

1 Vitamin B complex

1 c. Chililess Chili – Cal. 144, Fat 1.2g

3/4 oz. semi-sweet dark chocolate – Cal. 102, Fat 1.2g

1/2 steak & sausage bun – Cal. 80, Fat 0.75g

1/4 c. AFC SPAM AND EGG SALAD – Cal. 45.5, Fat 2.1g

3 slices Lightlife veggie bologna – Cal. 52.5, Fat 0.67

1 T. Vegenaise grapeseed oil mayonnaise – Cal. 90, Fat 9.0g

1 sweet pickle plank – Cal. 13, Fat 0g

1/2 leaf romaine lettuce – Cal. 0, Fat 0g


romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

2 T. Catalina salad dressing – Cal. 88, Fat 6.0g

2, 16 ounce Guiness beer – Cal. 333, Fat 0g

12 oz. Beaujolais Village red wine – Cal. 307, Fat 0g

8 oz. filtered water – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

8 oz. fresh brew coffee, plain – Cal. 5, Fat 0g


walked 1.7 miles

leg lifts in bed 4 directions each leg 100 reps each = 800 total lifts

reverse crunches in bed 100



Total Calories = 1500

Total Fat = 27.22g

27.22 x 9 calories/gram = 244.89

244.98 divided by 1500 = .16 or 16%

Here’s the link for AFC SPAM AND EGG SALAD – for sandwiches

Here’s a link for CHILILESS CHILI


Here’s a link for the WORLD’S LARGEST VERIFIED NUTRITION DATABASE – nutrition data counter:

Free App for desktop or mobile.


HEMP MILK VANILLA SHAKE: Combine 1 c. milk with sliced banana, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon in blender container. Blend till smooth and frothy. If you want extra cold pour over ice drink.

Benefits of hemp milk.




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