7/09/2018 MONDAY Day 4

Weigh-In = 158.5 lbs.

Total Calories = 626.90

Total Fat grams = 11.2 

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%



15 Rainier cherries – Cal. 90, Fat 0g

6 oz. Pacific brand nondairy hazelnut beverage – Cal. 2.5, Fat 2.6g

12 oz. fresh brew coffee, plain – Cal. 5, Fat 0g

500 mg. capsule red cayenne pepper – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

12 oz. Cotton Club Club Soda – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

2 t. Justin’s maple almond butter – Cal. 63.3, Fat 5.3g

with 2 t. prepared yellow mustard – Cal. 10, Fat 0g

24 oz. plain fresh brew coffee – Cal. 10, Fat 0g

1 c. chililess chili – Cal. 144, Fat 1.2g

16 oz. filtered water – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

1/2 c. chililess chili – Cal. 72.1, Fat 0.6g

3/4 c. cooked spaghetti – Cal. 165, Fat 1.5g

8 oz. filtered water – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

Total calories = 626.90

Total fat grams = 11.2

11.2 x 9 calories per fat gram = 100.8

100.8 divided by 626.90 = .16 or 16 percent Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio


walked .68 mile

upper body exercise using high tension cord around closet rod – 4 way 25 reps each direction

marching in place up to chest for balance – 100 reps each leg

4 way lifeline stretch

Notes: Sometimes during the day I go for a SPOON SNACK. It isn’t much, but it gives me a satisfaction and energy boost. Today it was almond butter made with maple sugar on a flatware teaspoon topped with prepared yellow mustard. Tasty!


Here’s the link for CHILILESS CHILI on this site:






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