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That’s right, I’m nearing the end of my fat reduction year and weight-wise I’m not doing all that well. So like the procrastinator I am, I’ve got a lot to do in a short amount of time. I have a weigh-in date set for August 9th. My previous two dates were pretty close to that: August 12, 2016 I weighed 165.60. August 5, 2017 I weighed 157. Today, 5 weeks till my arbitrarily set yearly weigh-in I weighed 162.50. I lost 8.6 pounds in one year, then in the second year gained back 5.5 pounds for a total loss to date of 3.6 pounds.

That may not seem like much, since some of us can lose or gain that much in a weekend. True. However, as I said a while ago, I did gain muscle. Exercising, even though injured with a concussion, did remain fairly consistent. Even though many times the exercise would make me more symptomatic, I did always get back to it. My spinal cord is a mess with disc bulges, herniations, nerve root canal narrowings, tarlov cysts on my spinal cord in the coccyx region of my vertebrae, all of which cause loss of sensation, weakness and pain associated with nerve and spinal cord compression.

The slow boat to China gets there eventually, but I’m not a boat. Although that China boat travels slowly, it is always engaged in the journey. I on the other hand stayed still a lot, obviously not fully engaged on my journey to lose the body fat.

I did, however, do everything else that I could do up to this point. Although I don’t have a regular exercise routine, it’s regular enough for my motivation level and injuries. I introduced myself to a lot of new health-type foods, that I’m still not all that keen on, but I make sure I get all that a healthy diet requires. I cut back on pasta and sandwiches, increased my fresh fruit intake. I still don’t eat nuts as a snack, simply because they’re too difficult to chew. Seeds are to me irrelevant to my nutrition when eaten whole, since I don’t believe they get fully digested, so I don’t pursue them as part of my diet. I will grind them at times, however, to add to recipes.

With so many good tasting animal-free flesh and milk products popping up in stores everywhere, it’s difficult as a chef not to at least try them, and if they’re good, not to keep buying them.

I discovered, that weight-wise, eating an animal burger with dairy cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, or mustard, ketchup, relish, onion on a toasted bun isn’t much different than eating an animal-free burger with dairy free cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, veggie mayonnaise, or mustard, ketchup, relish, onion on a toasted bun.

Sure, the animal-free burger is healthier (meaning more nutritious) and it’s cruelty-free, which are relevant factors when comparing the two sandwiches, since once you kill the animal for consumption, then the animal kills you by poisoning all your systems, but it’s not going to melt the body fat, unless you only indulge in the copycat sandwiches once in a while.

Sure, the body can adapt somewhat to consuming harmful agents, with some bodies more proficient at it than others, but long term it’s not a sure nor even a good bet to make.

Even without the plant meats, cheeses and milks, you can gain weight from eating solely animal-free foods – even when eating nutrient-dense foods. This is where amount and frequency come into play which, when you get to that point it shouldn’t be too difficult to eat less often and in smaller amounts. Discipline still is always the key to success, so embrace it for the good it can do.

Alcohol, an appetite stimulant, is consumed by most people, whether they eat flesh blood milk or not, and most drinkers are not in the one, five ounce glass of wine per day category. So alcohol is a weight gaining agent, not a weight losing agent. Lots of thin people drink a lot. Just look at all the thin men and women on cable and network news/opinion shows. But to stay that thin and still drink a lot, you keep your body in a perpetual state of jeopardy, teetering on malnutrition.

Stop and think a minute or more on this: People fear losing their memory more than they fear any other adverse state of health. Why then would you consume beverages that cause memory loss? Over the counter pain medications do the same thing. Lots of heart medications and mood altering prescription drugs adversely affect the way our brains process information, which result in symptoms of progressive brain disease, which is another way of saying cognitive deficits. If you take them long enough the side effects caused by the drugs in addition to the actions of the drugs become permanent even when you stop taking them. They change your brain physiology forever.

Reduce your body fat, exercise often, don’t drink alcohol or take prescription drugs for conditions that can also be treated by diet. Stop taking nutritional supplements unless you have a condition that cannot be treated by diet.

Ever wonder why body builders say before they start sculpting their bodies through progressive regimented exercise platforms, that they need to bulk up? I used to think that meant gaining weight, which translated to gaining fat by eating a lot of carbohydrates. Most people think that eating a lot of protein keeps you thin or makes you lose fat. Well, that may be so if you eat a lot of protein in it’s whole food source to the exclusion of everything else.

However, eat protein isolates, specifically large doses of amino acids, and you gain weight, and if you’re exercising along with the amino acid intake, you gain muscle. The massive amounts of exercise body builders do, melts the fat and the high intake of protein keeps the muscles from wasting while you melt the fat, so that the exercise can build bigger, stronger muscles.

Every supplement I’ve ever taken either made me gain weight or kept me from losing weight. I don’t know the why of it and I don’t know why amino acids specifically pack the pounds on. I only know that at least in my instance with my body they do.

We have as humans developed some bad eating patterns that must change for the sake of a happy healthy animal planet.

So, it is today THE EXPERIMENT BEGINS. It doesn’t matter at this juncture if I’m ready or not. I’m not going to wait for another juncture to present itself. I’m jumping with full force into this one. A planet correction is on the way. I’m already in.

Yes I will record all I eat and drink including calorie and fat counts and all that I exercise. I’m not going to set an actual weight goal, except that it must be at least less than the same weight last year. To be a half pound less than 157 pounds, I need to lose at least 6 pounds in 5 weeks. That would mean I lost a half pound in the second year. It would also mean I kept off the original weight from the first year. It doesn’t matter when in the year I lost it. What matters is did I get the job done in the allotted time and then how do I feel about that?

If anybody wants to go along with this plan as I design it day to day for rapid weight reduction for any lifestyle, gender, status of handicap, age please do and share your comments at the end of each day in the comment section – or not.

I’m doing this quick fix version to keep within my stated goals, even though I’ve been lax, but equally because out of all the ads I saw and articles I read on weight control, since I first became cognizant of my weight in my late teen years, it is the quick fix people want.

I may achieve the QUICK FIX EFFECT before 5 weeks. If that happens all the better.

Most people who have an event in the near future that they want to attend looking better than they do now, usually will have at least 5 weeks notice. Five weeks travels fast in anybody’s life. So 5 WEEKS TO A SLIMMER YOU.

I’ll post tomorrow what I did today, so I’ll always be 1 day ahead of you. Posting every day what I ate and how I exercised the day before is probably going to be the most difficult part of this program for me. But who am I kidding? It’s all going to be difficult.

Hey, it’s only 5 weeks. I can’t even remember what I do in 5 week increments – that’s how fast my time travels.

Wish me luck.




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