Tomato Corn Curry Rice


Ever wonder what to do with fresh corn-on–the-cob besides eating it straight from the cob? I did, and this tomato corn curry rice is what I came up with. Super simple. Super tasty. Light and refreshing!

Makes 8 cups rice and 6 cups tomato corn

3-1/2 c. water

2 t. salt

2 t. mild Madras curry powder

2 t. dried cilantro leaves

1 t. turmeric

3 c. Jasmine rice, rinsed in wire mesh strainer till water runs clear

1 T. extra virgin olive oil

1 c. diced green pepper

1 c. diced sweet red pepper

1 c. diced sweet onion

salt to taste

4 cooked ears corn-on-the cob; remove kernels and discard cobs

28 oz. can diced tomatoes

2 t. mild Madras curry powder

1 t. garlic powder

fresh grind black pepper to taste

salt to taste

fresh cilantro leaves for garnish (optional but nice)

In large saucepan combine water, salt, curry, dried cilantro, turmeric and garlic. Bring to boil. Add rice, stir, return to boil. Cover tightly, reduce heat to low and cook 15 minutes. Remove from heat, remove cover and fluff with utensil.

In another pan over medium heat, melt olive oil – only 1 tablespoon is needed.

Add both peppers, onion, salt to taste. Saute till tender. Depending on the type of pan you use, you’ll get a little or a lot of char on the bottom of the pan.

Add corn kernels, a little more salt, then saute till heated through.

Add tomatoes, curry and garlic. Stir well, salt and pepper to taste, then cook on low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring as needed, rubbing some of the char into the tomato corn mix. Remove from heat.

Stay at the stove or at least in the kitchen, otherwise the small amount of liquid with all evaporate. Pay attention.

Serve the tomato corn curry over the rice. Top with fresh cilantro leaves. Or, mix it all together. We had it both ways and liked it both ways.

Notes: Dried cilantro isn’t usually available in mainstream supermarkets and local grocery shops that I shop at, so substitute dried basil or tarragon or a combination of both. I got mine at a specialty herb and spice shop. McCormick brand makes it. It’s also available online. Not many people use it in their recipes, but I like it.

Sometimes when cooking rice with additives, the rice will stick to the bottom of the pan. Scoop up only what is loose. Don’t try to scrape all the hardened bits up into the fluffy rice. You won’t lose much rice.

Recently when dining at a local Chinese restaurant, the cook did exactly that – scraped too thoroughly the bottom of the rice pot – and I was picking hard bits of rice out of my mouth the entire meal. Now when I go back, I will not order rice with anything. It’s not worth the effort or the possible broken tooth.

Use whatever curry you like. Madras is my favorite, but even I can’t always find it unless I purchase it online. If you’ve never tasted it give it a try sometime. Unless you like a lot of heat, start with the mild version.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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