Everything About It Clicked

Recently I started holding back posts for the purpose of releasing them on the same day every week, in response to reading someplace that people like the consistency of knowing what day new posts are scheduled to be released.

In doing this, I sometimes forget to post on the day I commit to, due to a shift in focus on some other matter. Thinking on it further, I might disappoint some people if I get on a schedule and then miss the scheduled date. I do spread myself thin with all the sites I maintain and creative work I do.

I don’t like feeling disappointed either.

So from now on, when I finish the typing and assembly of a post, I post it, no matter the day or the time.

Fat-Free Friday doesn’t mean I post only on Friday, just as I don’t wait till Friday to reduce or eliminate the fats/oils in any given meal or on any given day.

Check back now and then, rather than count on a certain day or a certain way. An important component of the creative and design process is the absence of some organizational restrictions which might block that process.

Since I was a kid my brain resisted that type of organization – doing the same thing in the same way every day, or even eating the same thing for the same meal in predetermined intervals. I worked in a factory once. Not long. I don’t know how people do it. The repetition. Year after year takes a special kind of brain.

Although I wear a watch, I rarely look at it. It’s just how I’m wired. And nothing to date has changed that – though I definitely tried to change it. It doesn’t mean I lack organizational skills. They’re there when I need to access them and I often do. It’s the time factor with me. I can work on one tiny aspect of a project for hours and be completely comfortable in that process. Yet, if I have to get up at a predetermined time in the morning it throws me off. I don’t like it. It doesn’t matter that I normally wake up at five AM.

I won’t leave my apartment or my desk in disarray. When I come home and open that door I want to see neat, clean and organized. I don’t leave the house with an unmade bed in it, or with dirty dishes on the counter, dirty pots on the stove. It makes me feel energized to be surrounded by my own efforts to keep everything in its place. I like efficiency.

Tell me I have to be some place in ten minutes while my living space hasn’t been picked up yet or I have yet to brush my teeth, and you might think somebody instantaneuosly sprayed me with a superwoman mist.

Yesterday was different. Steve walks in, I’m on the computer, it’s early morning, he says let’s go out I’ll buy you a coffee at Starbucks. I’ll be at the elevator. It’s a beautiful day let’s go out and enjoy it. Don’t worry, take your time. I thought What?! Where?! Now?! Just like that? My mind froze my body for a few seconds surveying what I had to do from the couch where I sat with my Chromebook on a wooden wine box cover on my lap.


My superwoman mist wasn’t working. I got up, did about four minutes of preparation, not caring that everything was left undone, even the fruit salad and dressing I was developing in the kitchen with all the dirty dishes left where they were. The bed wasn’t made either. I hadn’t groomed yet. It wasn’t even nine o’clock on a Saturday morning.

Steve’s at the elevator. He really doesn’t like to wait, even when he says take your time. Secure Lilly Belle, freshen water, how do I look? Can’t be that bad. I showered yesterday, how bad could I smell? Just go. Go. Open a few windows to air the place. Steve was surprised to see me so soon. It was a beautiful day. We walked of course. Next thing you know I’m at Starbucks.

That’s a first for me in sixty-nine years.

While at Starbucks with half my coffee gone Steve says let’s take the bus downtown, we’ll finish our coffee at the bus stop, it’ll be here in seven minutes. We’ll just walk around, play it by ear, have some fun. I have to go to work tomorrow let’s enjoy my last day off.  Like clockwork the bus arrived in seven minutes and we were on our way to what turned out to be a wonderful day from start to finish. Everything about it clicked.

It’s Cinco De Mayo. It’s the anniversary of the date we adopted Midnight Rose in 1996.

Donald Trump was coming to Cleveland which we learned when we couldn’t catch a bus home, because all incoming traffic had to be stopped. He’s our president – he’s the only president we have – he deserves to be protected everywhere he goes. Neither Steve nor I were put-off because we were put-out a bit.

It’s George’s birthday and we want to drop off a gift before he arrives to his party at a local tavern. We take the train instead and just did make our connecting bus to take us back to the beginning.

Lebron James even scored the winning shot in the third game against Toronto.

There’s a moral here about flexibility.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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