Spicy Chocolate Cashew Shake plus new breakfast and lunch regime


Rarely do I put ice into a smoothie. I don’t like the freeze on my throat and my blender doesn’t do ice well. So a shake it is. And a good one at that. I always did like milk shakes, till McDonald’s changed the landscape with their impossible to draw through a straw shakes that were more like soft-serve ice-cream in a drinking cup. How dare they!!

New breakfast and lunch regimen: After drinking a 12 oz. glass of filtered water taken with a capsule of red cayenne pepper for pain control upon rising (I think the capsaicin is helping to a degree so I keep on it) I make a milkshake. Today it is spicy so I’m thinking I’ll stick with this version for a period of time till it bores me, while subbing in various plant milks for variety. Give it a try; you might like it too.

Makes 2 servings

1 ripe banana broken into chunks

2 c. Silk Chocolate Cashewmilk (90 calories per 8 oz. serving)

1 t. turmeric

1/4 t. fine grind black pepper

1 t. powdered ginger

Combine all ingredients into blender container and blend till ultra smooth. Pour half into glass and drink right away. No sipping. Get it into the gut all at once.

Save the other half for lunch.

For a while I’m going to restrict my food intake by drinking my breakfast and lunch. Make it a habit – nothing wrong with that. I don’t have to have the plant equivalent of Noah’s Arc at every meal. So stop the insanity and telling me to sprinkle some nuts, add some greens, don’t forget the seeds and berries. Shut – it – off.

Since I’ve been flying all over the net getting food and diet and weight loss advice I’ve gotten fatter. No I don’t need a protein breakfast bar. Okay, if it’s good and if it contains no animal products I’ll plug it, but unless I’m starving while out and about and just happen to run into a street vendor selling the particular brand of protein bars that I actually like, I will not go out of my way to buy them.

Decades ago Carnation brand made a package type milk shake powder for breakfast. You added milk and blended it. I kept weight off doing that. It contained most of your daily needed vitamins for that time in history – it changes you know. I’d use skim milk, one half the package, then blend and drink before going off to work. I used half a package more to save money than calories. Then I’d have a salad for lunch and dinner was dinner. A small salad I’d have, not one of Steve’s famous feeds six people salads just for himself. Nothing wrong with that, except it doesn’t work for me. Too much chewing for too long doesn’t make me feel good.

Tom Brady (of New England Patriots football fame) once said, “chewing is overrated”. I agree.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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