Cilantro Carrot Smoothie


Banana, cilantro and carrot juice blended till smooth with turmeric and low calorie almond milk! Sprinkled with nutmeg. Mild, pleasant flavors that make the throat feel good first off in the morning! It’s going to be a good day! I’m going to make it that way! Not much fat in this smoothie!

Makes 24 oz.

1 sm. banana, broken in pieces

1 loose  handful washed and trimmed fresh cilantro, including stems

1/2 c. carrot juice

2 c. almond milk (30 calorie per 8 oz. serving) – I used Friendly Farms brand

1 t. turmeric

nutmeg garnish

In blender container place banana, cilantro and carrot juice. Blend till you can hardly see the green bits.

Add almond milk and turmeric and blend till smooth.

Pour into glass and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Notes: I decided not to go with cilantro overload to leach all the heavy metals out of my cells, if in fact those leaching claims are true. I’m not overloading on any one thing these days. This is good for me. My systems don’t react well to overload.

It’s a breakfast that’s easy to make. I’ll get three servings out of it and drink it throughout the day in addition to my two cups of coffee, Fizzy Water and plain water.

Although I like smoothies, there’s something about not making them a habit that sticks with me. It probably has more to do with the clean up than anything else. Steve brings me home smoothies in a bottle and I always enjoy them, so I guess I’m just plain lazy!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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