Something About Weight Watcher’s That Came To My Attention

Curious about their 200 zero points food list that everybody’s been talking about, I surfed the net looking for it, and found I had to go all the way to Canada to get it. It just didn’t seem right. Weight Watcher’s in the USA under the direction I’m assuming of multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey – she’s the one whose face is plastered all over the Weight Watcher’s program – making again I’m assuming a large financial investment in the ‘whatever you want to call it’ company? Corporation? Business?

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.15.21 AM

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.15.34 AM

When I get to the weight Watcher’s website on the front page it talks briefly about the 200 zero points list, but that’s it. Nowhere on the site is it to be found. As I scroll down the page I see that I have three pricing options.

In other words, I have to pay to see the list. I join and then maybe I see it. It doesn’t say, even though it’s on the page that has in the menu bar: zero points foods >

All the other publications on Google didn’t have a complete list and some even added their own interpretation of what they couldn’t see.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.18.12 AM

I go to Canada Weight Watcher’s for the same list and right on the front page it gives me a download. Free. They don’t want to screw people over. Give them the list, maybe they’ll join, maybe they won’t.

Being stingy isn’t good for business, I can tell you that with all certainty. And why should I have to go through numerous back doors of other people’s hack sites to see something that should be right out front? It’s all over the news, yet I can’t see it.

Oprah Winfrey in all her tirades against Donald Trump should talk about prejudice toward poor people?! Ms. Winfrey is the Queen of Prejudice against the poor.  Make me famous so I can get rich taking advantage of all you poor slobs. Yeah, white slobs. She made her billions by humiliating white people on national television in front of the world, thinking she was Johnny somebody Carson.

Hiding the list? Making me join Weight Watcher’s to see what all the news commentators obviously already saw? How could they report on something they didn’t see? That’s another prejudice.

No, it’s discrimination now. Oprah Winfrey discriminates against poor people. She withholds knowledge. You have to pay for it. What’s the deal? It’s a stupid list. Oh I can join for free, but you don’t get anything. It’s like signing up for a newsletter from any major site you go to. That’s her big deal on free.

So she gave away a lot of cars. Then she complains about large corporations giving all their employees a thousand dollar bonus. She’s just like them. She is them. Hey, even I gave away a car, got me into a lot of trouble with the Cleveland FBI, turns out he was Muslim. So what? Palestinian Authority kill people they said. That was a long time ago. I had four different cars stolen since then. Looking back it was probably them, paying some poor slob to jack my cars, wouldn’t put it past them.

Keep your stupid list. I found one in Canada. Shows you the difference between the USA and Canada. One is selfish, the other not.

And why is she still fat, by the way, if Weight Watcher’s is the answer to the global health and weight crisis?

Stop eating animals. Nobody gets as fat as she did by eating bread. She’s a fraud and a cheat. She’s one angry Black Billionaire telling the world to eat like she does – so you can make her even more billions.

Animals everywhere hate her. They do not do her body good. They are designed to do a body bad – that’s to keep from cannibalizing them.

Investing in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals will get you nowhere, no matter how rich you become. She’s investing in all the bad shit that happens all over the planet.

STOP EATING ANIMALS. That’s the first thing you do to lose weight and get healthy. Your DNA has nothing to do with it.

Get your list here PDF >


Thank you Weight Watcher’s Canada!

I do not recommend any animal being on this list. Sift through to all the plant foods for your free calorie and fat foods.

They really didn’t need to come out with a list likes it’s something new. The low calorie foods listed are common sense foods that nobody would think were filled with fat.



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