Steve Logging Miles Aug. thru Oct. 2017




Steve walked 116.69 miles in 31 days = 3.76 miles/day = 4.49 marathons








Steve walked 124.31 miles in 30 days = 4.14 miles/day = 4.78 marathons








Steve walked 109.38 miles in 31 days = 3.53 miles/day = 4.21 marathons

In 3 months Steve walked 13.48 marathons. These recordings represent when he actually had his iphone on his person.

The big mystery to all who see him is how can he be overweight by as much as he is when he walks so much? That’s not including all the other physical exercise he gets related to his job and doing the activities of daily living that may not include walking.

Only he can figure that out, and I have no doubt that when he finally sets his mind to it he will. And he’ll let you in on all of it.

The benefit now is that he eats primarily good food, 95% animal-free, nutrient dense, lots of fiber, lots of variety, lots of raw.

Getting enough exercise on a regular basis is not an issue.



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