Finish One Job Before Going Onto Another

NEW RULE> FOR ME. Finish one job before starting another. I’m tired of all the loose ends in all my days and nights, that never seem to end, whereby I feel some satisfaction for a job well done. There’s just too many of them. Everywhere. Even when I complete one job it seems insignificant compared to the mountain of stuff I’ve started, but haven’t completed.

I’ve got my foot in the door of so many things to do, that my feet hurt.

Too much multi-tasking becomes detrimental to all the tasks in the loop, creating chaos rather than order. Complete one job to your high standards of satisfaction, savor the victory, then move on to something else. Success breeds success, so the next job up will be anticipated with excitement rather than dread. Your focus increases, becomes actually pleasurable. In the long term, you will accomplish more with less stress and be better at all of it.


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