When It Rains It Pours…another big foot update

Alright, so I go to the doctor about my fall and resultant injuries. He sees the pictures I took, asks me a bunch of questions, examines me. He orders a bunch of blood work and is more concerned about the dizziness and resultant balance difficulties, than he is about any broken bones I might have – which I probably don’t.

He ordered a CAT scan of my head and neck.

He wants to find out if the dizziness caused the fall or if the fall caused the dizziness.

He also told me that the mammogram I had showed an asymmetry in the left breast and recommended that I go for more imaging. Steve has since made me an appointment. I will have the additional imaging, a doctor will interpret it, then the doctor will consult with me right then and there, so I don’t have to go home and wait for them to call.

The only mammogram I had back in the mid 1990’s showed dense tissue, so I’m thinking it’s probably the same thing. If not, then I’ll be told my options and will take it from there.

I had my hearing checked and have hearing loss in both ears. Hearing aids are recommended, but they are very expensive – not something I can afford. There are other test results that I have yet to research to see what they mean. I will get to that.

The colonoscopy that I prepared for and showed up for was delayed a couple of hours. Since I had been at the clinic since 10:00 AM for two unrelated appointments, and they wouldn’t be accepting me to even be prepped till 4:15 PM, I declined to have it. I had fasted too long for them to postpone the procedure in order to make room for somebody else, and I simply had to eat something. The fact that they just assumed I would go along with their changed plans, without telling me in advance, shows you how arrogant the medical profession has become. So. No colonoscopy.

Today was the first day that I didn’t feel wobbly all the time, with any and all movements. That is encouraging to me. I still have difficulty, but it’s not severe, where it feels like I’m losing control of my body from my neck down.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll be showing more improvement.

It’s not easy getting appointments. I have to wait a week for the CAT scan and two weeks for the additional mammogram imaging.

I plan to get a load of work done while I wait.



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