Steve’s Coffee


Let’s face it. Starbuck’s coffee is expensive. Especially when you want the specialty stuff. Well, Steve found a way around eliminating the dairy cream so he didn’t miss it, trimming down the size and cost, plus increasing flavor. This is it.

Or should I say this is how you order it. Although it’s in a short/small cup, it’s called:

Tall dark roast with steamed almond milk topper.

He then takes it to the bar and adds 1 packet of sugar-in-the-raw, plus sprinkles of dark chocolate powder, cinnamon and vanilla powder.

The last time we went to Target’s, which has a Starbuck’s inside, he invited me for one of his coffees. Very good. Just my style. Perfect fit.

And the price was right at $1.95.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Paid for by The Animal-Free Chef, AFC GLOBAL and/or Word Warrior GLOBAL. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight. Share freely with proper credit. "Change the world by changing yourself. You're in the future already. Now what? You determine your outcome."

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