Steve’s Carotid Artery Surgery


95% blockage in his left carotid artery. This is the second he has had done. It isn’t an easy surgery – though the doctors act like it’s a cake walk.

He’s finally back to work full-time with limited duties – working hard at doing all the right things. Exercise, diet, stress reduction he’s doing it all. By the book. He still has a labile blood pressure, that’s also hereditary, that he’s trying to control by natural means, and he is having success with that.

This is the second wake-up call for him and he finally gets it.

The surgeon checked his kidney arteries and they were fine, which relieved us both. At least the disease hadn’t spread to all his arteries.

Steve has a hereditary condition that most of his family shares. He’s lucky he didn’t die from it.

Every night that he comes home from work and every morning that he wakes up I consider a gift from him to me, and I love him big as the sky for taking his health seriously and increasing his survival advantage by taking the necessary healthy steps toward achieving a long, happy, healthy life.



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