My face isn’t fat. Everything else is.

This is me at 160 lbs. Today I’m 157 lbs. Yet my measurements are larger.

I’m thinking I must be swollen, or I’ve gained muscle with the months of core work-outs.

For instance: On 23 July 2016 my basic measurements were 42-35-39 (chest/waist/hip) and I weighed 154.4 lbs.

On 07 September 2016 my measurements were 41-36-40 and I weighed 158 lbs. I don’t know what to make of it.

Today, on 23 April 2017 I took a lot more measurements establishing a baseline from which to judge my progress, since the weight loss is slow.

At 157 lbs. my measurements are as follows:

42-38-42 (chest/waist/hip)


R 20 in.

L 20 in.


R 16 in.

L 15 in.


R 10 in.

L 9-1/2


R 11-1/2

L 11-1/2


R 9-1/2 in.

L 9-1/2 in.


R 6-1/2 in.

L 6-1/2 in.


14 in.


21 in.

I thought I was supposed to lose inches even if I didn’t lose weight, because of exercising. Yet, it looks like my weight stayed much the same and I gained inches.

I gained 1 inch in my chest, 2 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips with a 1 pound weight loss since 07 September 2016. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Maybe next Sunday will tell a different story. Hope a better one.



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