‘Almost always’ works better for me, maybe for you too – maybe not for you.

Almost never.

There’s too much commitment with ‘always’. But with some things, under certain circumstances, always is best, or never is best. But not one extreme or the other in every single instance under every single condition. There’s no room for flexibility here.

So sometimes ‘never’ is best in select circumstances. The same goes for sometimes ‘always’.

Pick and choose what model works for you under each circumstance, instead of one way works always best in every circumstance. You and I know it doesn’t.

When making rules the ‘always’, always gets in the way. Always do it this way, that’s the rule. Sometimes the rule needs to be changed with new information. Change it without thinking you failed at something. You made an adjustment. Making an adjustment to the rule is a good thing to do, when the old rule isn’t working out like you thought it would.


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