Use as a creamy dipping sauce for veggies and/or chips, or for pan-fried veg hot dog bites, or as a condiment on plant burgers, on veg hot dogs in buns, all kinds of sandwiches and subs! So easy, so delicious. Why wait for somebody else to manufacture a sauce you can readily make in the kitchen at a lower cost? Winner Winner Vegan Dinner!

Makes 1 cup

1/3 c. cocktail sauce (I used Heinz brand)

1/3 c. ketchup

1/3 c. veg mayonnaise (I used Just Mayo brand, just because it’s thicker than most other veg brands)

few drops liquid smoke

sprinkling of celery seed

Combine all ingredients in bowl, whisk till smooth and all ingredients are evenly incorporated.

Spoon into jar with lid or do as I do, spoon into a squeeze bottle. Refrigerate.

Notes: Lots of times I don’t want just mustard or just ketchup on a plant burger or sandwich or with my French fries. I want something creamy with the taste of ketchup, but also with fewer calories.

The mixture of 1/3 cocktail sauce and 1/3 ketchup mixed with 1/3 veg mayonnaise fits my needs and wants perfectly. You can use all ketchup if you want, or flavor it up a little more with Worcestershire sauce and/or steak sauce. Experiment.

The main goals here are reduced fat with enough fat-feel to the mouth to satisfy plus great flavor. We achieved all of this with three main ingredients plus a couple seasonings.

Try this too:


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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