Use as a reduced-fat condiment on sandwiches, burgers, veg hot dogs, as well as a dipper for veg cheese cubes, all types of chips, for deep-fried, roasted or pan-fried veggies, or toss with steamed veggies. Mix with coleslaw or potato salad. Experiment with other uses!

Makes 1 cup

1/3 c. prepared yellow mustard

1/3 c. whole grain mustard

1/3 c. veg mayonnaise (I used Just Mayo brand because it’s thicker than most other veg mayonnaise products)

1 t. dried basil, crushed between fingers to pulverize

Combine all ingredients in bowl. Stir with fork till smooth and all ingredients are incorporated evenly.

Transfer to jar with lid or a squeeze bottle. Refrigerate.

Notes: When using a squeeze bottle and the hole in the tip isn’t large enough, then snip the tip a little lower, using scissors, to make a larger hole.

The whole grain mustard increases the sprite element of the taste sensation of the sauce. We use the whole grain also for its thickness. Substitute Poupon Dijon Mustard, or Country-style Poupon.

Use any combination of mustards you like. However, to keep the sauce somewhat thin, so it can be squeezed through a tip, try to include the prepared yellow mustard as one of the mustards.

Try this too:


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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