Brain Training Techniques Can Turn You Into a Memory Master VIDEO

TSOF COMMENT: Although I shouldn’t knock this till I’ve tried it, I was okay with all of it till they said there is an audio you listen to that has subliminal messages in it. No thank you. In fact, the guy talking in the video acted somewhat hypnotized or at least dazed. I think this program is probably based on a hypnotic model of delivery.

Take a look and see what you think.

By Dr. Mercola

How’s your memory these days? If you’re like most, you could probably use some help in this area. Your memory holds a record of your entire life and helps shape your identity, but the ability to form memories does not occur until around the age of five.

In the video above, two-time world memory champion Alex Mullen and fellow medical student Cathy Chen explain a memorization system called Memory Palace, also known as Method of Loci,1 which can help you improve your short-term recall.

The process involves using a space or location you’re familiar with to memorize unfamiliar or new things. The reason it works so well is because most people have very good spatial and visual memory.

As noted by Chen, “Visualizing an image makes it way more memorable and interesting to your brain than, say, random names or numbers.”

As an example, Chen and Mullen explain how you might memorize items on your grocery shopping list. You probably know your dining room really well, so to memorize “eggs” on your list, mentally travel into your dining room, look at a bowl of, say, fruit, and imagine a hen has laid eggs in your fruit bowl.

Then, when you’re in the store, you can mentally travel around the space (your dining room), recall the bowl of fruit — and the funny image of eggs laid in the bowl. Another example: Imagine toothpaste smeared all over your placemats. When you recall the placemats, you automatically remember the item on your list, namely the toothpaste.

You Too Can Become a Memory Master

A technique called Memory Palace can help improve your short-term recall by engaging your spatial and visual memory to memorize lists, items, names and numbers…

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