Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits – From Weight Loss to Neuropathy


Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid, including facts about ALA and weight loss. What foods contain ALA? Will ALA cure health issues?

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Alpha lipoic acid, an essential fatty acid, is a part of every cell in the body. It is also a natural antioxidant that aids in turning glucose into energy. [4] [2] It can also be referred to as thioctic acid, lipoate, lipoic acid, ALA, and thioctan. The scientific name is 1,2-dithiolane-3pentanoic acid. [20]

When first discovered in 1951 it was categorized as a vitamin until three decades later when scientists recognized it as a powerful antioxidant that could stop healthy cells from harm by free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules). [19]

Aside from being found in the body’s cells alpha lipoic acid naturally occurs in many foods as well. [8]

Alpha lipoic acid has been used as an alternative medicine for multiple conditions and could be useful for weight loss. [8]

In this content, we will highlight the many uses and health benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

What exactly is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

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Sharon’s Comment: I bought Alpha Lipoid Acid online in veggie caps – all vegan supplement.

Years ago when Steve and I had a toxic mold injury we were prescribed ALA and we both thought it effective – it was prescribed in much smaller doses back then.

Since we both gained weight after a recent exposure to a lot of neurotoxins, over several months,  in a large building inhabited by a multitudinous insect population, I thought it prudent to seek out a supplement that could help our systems heal from the onslaught. Alpha Lipoid Acid came to mind only because I happened upon it while searching for something else on

Most of us are old, so there’s not much concern by the owners of this HUD approved building regarding the damage these toxins can do to the systems of elderly people. Maybe they figure we don’t have long to live anyway, so what’s the big deal – as long as they control the pests we all should be happy.

Hey, not so fast.

Steve and I are not the only ones who gained a lot of weight. Plus quality of life is important as one ages. Don’t bury us before our time because protecting our brains from the damage caused by poisoning the air and all surfaces of one’s living space is a nuisance. There are infants and young children who reside in the building – who stay overnight for days at a time whom the management didn’t consider. One infant died. Nobody knows from what. Infant Death Syndrome they called it. Maybe. Those of us who still have our wits about us aren’t so sure.

Toxins can and do contribute to weight gain, and they should not be ruled out as a weight-gain factor, simply because nobody can actually see them. Toxins, especially neurotoxins, affect all systems of the body. Every cell. So toxins need to be looked at in the pursuit of answers as to why there are so many younger, fat, sluggish people with old people diseases.

These management people have no problem assaulting our bodies and brains with neurotoxins, but are afraid to tell tenants to clean up their living spaces.

In our last lease there was a new provision stating that if a tenant criticized the outfit that owns and runs the place, they would be subject to deportation – ops, I mean eviction.

Here’s to renewed hope that ALA will be just what the doctor should have ordered. It’s not to late.

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