2 March 2017 Weight Loss Update

For months I’ve been putting off doing an update, since my weight fluctuated all over the place. But, since today is my birthday and I couldn’t sleep, I decided to get up and do some calculating.

Granted I’ve had some stress in my life and I’m beginning to think now that it’s not just the eating more than my body needs that made me gain weight again, but that stress may, at least in me, slow my body processes down as the weight of the stress bears heavy on my mind.

Okay, my mother died, my sister a short while later had a stroke, then my brother had a massive heart attack accompanied by a heart infection, then my husband had a stroke and subsequent carotid artery surgery, spending Christmas in the hospital, plus two other related procedures to get his blood pressure down.

Some guy and gal from Black Lives Matter came into my husband’s work place making a big scene that they were racially profiled and wanted to lodge a formal complaint, that now although my husband was exonerated of any bias after everybody viewed the tapes, it’s still on his record and the FBI and Homeland Security both have a presence at his workplace, so that whole thing was one ugly experience. Now we realize that the Black Lives Matter Organization is targeting old people, especially old men, since they figure if you’re old and you’re white, then you were a racist back in the days of Martin Luther King – and it’s time to get vengeance.

Then the promotion my husband thought surely was his, he being the most qualified, was given to someone else the very next day. Well, as they say, if we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all, but that really wasn’t about luck. It was about somebody making a false claim and that false claim was made on the basis of race and that affected our lives in a big way.

The medical bills are huge.

Wow. Unbelievable. There is tension all over Cleveland, Ohio. In the building where we live, at the bus stops, on the bus, at restaurants, bars, stores. The other day we’re standing at the bus stop and a black kid rides by on a bike and shouts out, “You two idiots are too old to change”. At first I didn’t catch it all, so asked for a repeat. He simply said, “you heard what I said”. Well, between my husband and myself we pieced it together. Ageism exists and every time there’s a story on television about blacks committing a crime and getting shot, old white people suffer who live in black neighborhoods.

So, no significant weight loss. I gained back 15 of the 16.6 pounds I had lost. My net loss over a 205 day period was 1.6 pounds. The YO-YO effect was in full force all the while.

What I did discover is that it really isn’t harder to lose weight than it is to gain weight.

From 8 August 2016 till 30 October 2016 I lost 16.6 lbs.

From 30 October 2016 to 2 March 2017 I gained 15 lbs.

I did cook a lot. Engineered a lot of recipes, that I need to get typed and posted, but those creative juices keep flowing and it’s hard to say no when I know the result is going to be good. Need to get more discipline in the typing department. Since I have dystonia, which is characterized by abnormal muscle contractions, typing is uncomfortable at best and excruciating at worst.

Exercise, exercise. Walking is my preferred form of exercise and I do a lot of that – always have. The other stuff causes more pain than sometimes I think it’s worth, but I keep doing it anyway. Whether I’m actually increasing my stamina and overall strength is questionable. Past injuries interfere with my success, but I’m also not working hard enough at it and need more organization.

Carrying those heavy grocery bags from the store over all these years has taken its toll on my neck and arms. It’s like I’m in a perpetual state of tendonitis.

I’ve had a spa membership since September of 2016 and I still haven’t used it. Maybe today I will. I have safety concerns. Maybe Steve and I will go together. Better for old white people to travel in pairs.

Next time I report in I hope to have more positive results.


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