Coconut water … overhyped and understudied? 

TRIM THE FAT  COMMENT: Water, salt, banana for muscle cramps associated with exercise or dehydration. Or just plain water associated with dehydration absent the cramps.

Coconut Water Does Not Improve Markers of Hydration During Sub-Maximal Exercise and Performance in a Subsequent Time Trial Compared to Water Alone.

Coconut water (CW) has been among the hottest beverage trends over the past five years, and is often thought of as a healthier alternative to the more traditional sugar-laden sports drinks people consume during exercise. Though marketed primarily as a general use drink, it has gained popularity as a sports drink. This is because it naturally contains both carbohydrate and electrolytes, despite having an overall middling micronutrient content.

Unrelated to exercise, its proponents often remark that coconut water can be prepared to be given intravenously without complications, as its osmolarity (concentration of a solution) matches that of our blood. While the osmolarity of coconut water may be similar to that of human blood, that does not necessarily make it a better sports drink than those commercially available. Several studies have looked at CW as a way of improving rehydration after exercise with fairly unremarkable results. One study found CW was better than plain water at rehydrating after exercise, but not any better than commercial sports drink that contained adequate sodium. Two other studies found no significant differences in rehydration between CW and plain water…

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