30 October 2016 – weight loss update

My goal is to lose 5 lbs. per month. For the third month I’ve reached that goal. For weeks I weighed myself everyday, then only when I felt like it. Now it’s about every ten or so days, usually after a weekend, but not always. My final weight for the month is usually taken on the 30th of the month.

I’m pretty much going by the Circle Of Fat-To Fat-Free on what I eat (besides being animal-free). One half of the time I eat fat-free, then the other half is divided into low fat, medium fat and fatty. So far it’s working. I’m estimating everything, so the lines are blurred. Just being on some kind of weight control program makes one lose weight, although for the first three weeks of essentially no fat, the scale went up and down like a yo-yo. Sticking with it seemed to be key, at least for me. Eventually the scale moved and stayed moved. Then the yo-yo effect starts over again, but at a lower weight. I’m good with that.

My mother died. I had a sinus infection, then got a bladder infection, then upper respiratory and just got done with what I think was the flu. I didn’t get medicine for the flu, because I wanted my body to beat the illness it by itself. I figured if that happened, then my immune system would strengthen. I did take antibiotics for the bacterial infections, and maybe I didn’t really have the flu, since my fever soared to 103 degrees, but I don’t have a fever now, so I’m okay.

Perhaps the fever upped my metabolism and is responsible for the success of losing 5 lbs. a month. Stress, especially of losing such a powerful force in my life, my mother, tended to make me eat more. I don’t know the actual why of losing that 5 lbs. per month, except that maybe because I posted it, I felt compelled to succeed. Anyway, I’m back to work after nearly a month of grieving and processing and healing and bingeing on a lot of Netflix. I kept recalling what my mother had said to me decades ago regarding my work, “the animals need you”. Then I attended to when Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, “…fighting for what’s right is worth it”. I think what she meant was ‘worth the pain of losses’. I’ve known many losses in my animal rights endeavors – in every realm of those endeavors. And sometimes when the body gets sick the mind gets weak, especially when progress is so slow. But I’m feeling better. Top of the mountain I’m at today. I’m optimistic.

After I weigh in on the last day of the month, I let my body know that I’m not starving, by eating more fat for a few days. I figure that will jack up my metabolism. Then about mid-month or just before it, I buckle down and focus on not gaining the 5 lbs. back and on losing 5 lbs. more.

The most recent morning after my 5 lb. weight loss success I made myself a Fatty Veggie Sandwich and loved every bite! A perfect breakfast.

Toast 2 slices potato bread. Spread one slice with peanut butter and the second slice with veg mayo.

Spread dill pickle relish on top of peanut butter, then squirt with a little mustard.

Top mayo side with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion.

Sprinkle all with fresh grind black pepper.

Lots of fat, but lots of veggies too! I like that. So of course I look forward now to the day that I make my weight goal.

fatty-veggie-sandwich-1 fatty-veggie-sandwich-2


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