Sun-dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives processed with garlic, green peppercorn and capers in a Tomato Onion Salad Dressing! Perfect texture, perfect flavors.  Low fat, but you wouldn’t know it! So easy to make. Serve on toasted or broiled baguette slices as an hors d’oeuvre!

Makes 1-1/2 cups

1 c. diced sun-dried tomatoes – non marinated (no oil or vinegar)

1/2 c. whole pitted Kalamata olives – brown ones are best – avoid deep purple (too soft and pungent)

4-5 garlic cloves

1 T. sm. capers, drained

1 T. green peppercorns, drained

3/4 c. Tomato Onion Salad Dressing > TOMATO ONION SALAD DRESSING

Combine sun-dried tomatoes, olives and garlic in food processor. Process till mealy.

Add capers, green peppercorn and salad dressing. Process till smooth and chunky (small chunks), stopping to stir up from bottom in order to evenly process.

Place in jar and refrigerate till ready to use.

Serve either cold or at room temperature spread on toasted or broiled French baguette.

Notes: Eating olives is not the same as eating olive oil. It takes a lot of olives to make oil. One half cup of olives equals about 12 or 13 olives. About 1.5 grams of fat per serving is what it comes out to – at 1/4 c. tapenade per person. It’s an appetizer. You don’t eat much.

* Kalamata Olives – for Salad – 10 Olives or 1 oz = 70 calories and 6 grams of fat


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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