Some fresh ginger sticks, a few walnuts, some fresh spinach and a fat-free dressing created a nice lunch combined with the apple and carrot cut into tiny julienne style pieces. Fresh, succulent plus an attractive presentation! The addition of the walnuts makes this lunch salad mostly fat-free!

Serves 2

I’m making use of my Japanese mandolin today. For lunch I wanted raw. A salad a day is a good idea – for me. I like salads; they’ll help me lose weight; plus all the benefits of fresh and raw will be mine!

So I want to experiment with the julienne feature of the mandolin. I google it and find some YouTube videos and now I know how to put the interchangeable blades in and how to use the thing. It works pretty nice.

I could just eat an apple, a carrot and some fresh ginger sticks, but I wanted it to be more appealing. So I did the mandolin thing.

1 red apple and 1/2 carrot sliced with the small julienne blade on the mandolin. One medium-size apple made a lot of tiny sticks.

Then using the slicing blade I sliced thinly some fresh ginger, then stacked the round disks and cut them into thin sticks.

I combined it all in a bowl with a fat-free salad dressing, then placed it all on a bed of fresh spinach that I also tossed with the dressing.

I then topped it all with a few crushed walnuts and some fresh grind black pepper and celery seed.

It made a nice salad, a nice lunch. Too much for one person though, so it serves 2.

Notes: I used GOLDEN CAESAR SALAD DRESSING. Use whatever sounds or looks good to you. Next time I’m going to use a store bought bottled Fat-Free Catalina salad dressing. And if I have it on hand, I’ll add a little celery.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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